Medical Police Recap: A New Threat A Very Strategic Card Game



Medical Police Season 1, Episode 5, “Deuce to Nines, Double Draw” presents a new threat for the doctors that leads them to Latvia.

This recap of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1, Episode 5, “Deuce to Nines, Double Draw” contains significant spoilers.

Predictable but funny, Episode 5, “Deuce to Nines, Double Draw” sees the threat return. Lola (Erinn Hayes) and Owen (Rob Huebel) unlock Matteo’s phone to see a new text message warning of a new virus outbreak from someone named Nikolai. Owen assumes the man is from Latvia, so surprise surprise, the duo head to Latvia to speak to Nikolai’s mother in the hope they can find her son and ask some questions.

Meanwhile, back in LA Dr. Cat has a show to perform, and soon realizes while trying to sleep with a celebrity that the theatre is at risk of a virus attack.

Lola and Owen speak to Nikolai’s mother who is resistant to speaking to them at first but then Lola gives her some new mittens so she invites them in. She provides them with some strange food delicacies that Lola and Owen have to wolf down before she will speak. After eating through a traumatic meal, the mother reveals the night club Nikolai will be at.

Owen and Lola confront Nikolai at the club and he will not reveal any information; Owen and Lola pretend they want to do business with him and that Matteo sent them — Nikolai and Owen end up playing a strange card game that makes no sense whatsoever but if he wins, Nikolai will do business with them. Owen wins but Nikolai refuses to do business with them, knowing they are not who they say they are.

Meanwhile, Cat is told by Lola to stop the virus attack at the talent show. The virus will be triggered by the applause meter which will then trigger the 3D printer. Cat purposefully does a shoddy performance so no-one applauds, but then hurts herself. When she reveals she is okay, the audience applauds and the meter rises, triggering the virus to be set off.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 5, “Deuce to Nines, Double Draw” ends with Lola and Owen capturing Nikolai and throwing him into Goldfinch’s van. After threatening his life with an injection that can kill him in a minute, he reveals that there is a creator who wants to sell a cure to a buyer, who wants to be immune in case there is a worldwide outbreak — “Each will be wearing a red hat to identify themselves”.

Lola and Owen leave Nikolai tied up for the police.

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