Medical Police Recap: Trigger Happy Time To Meet An Old Friend



Medical Police Season 1, Episode 6, “The Lasagna as a Whole” presents plenty of trigger-happy characters and a series of twists.

This recap of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1, Episode 6, “The Lasagna as a Whole” contains significant spoilers.

It’s time to head to Shangai for our lead characters in Episode 6, “The Lasagne as a Whole” but first, Owen (Rob Huebel) needs to meet an old friend for help.

They meet Edgar; apparently Owen hurt Edgar by misfiring his gun years ago when they worked together and now Edgar walks with a limp. Edgar runs a secret school of cartoonists for American newspapers in his tiny home. After a brief catch-up and plenty of talk, Edgar agrees to help them by giving them some guns for when they approach the buyers/seller for the cure. Edgar expresses that he does not wish to join their mission.

The night before their mission, Owen and Lola spend the night in a hotel; they practice using their guns while drinking alcohol and there’s brief sexual tension between them both. They agree to share a bed after both offering to sleep on the toilet. Neither of them sleeps through the night — Lola and Owen just laid there, but Owen noticeably has an erection and walks around with it at the start of the mission.

At the meeting spot where the cure for the virus will be sold, Lola notices that the seller is Professor Richard Waters and she feels betrayed. Lola jeopardizes the mission and walks directly to Richard. The professor said he had no choice and it is blatant at this point that he is part of the whole virus scheme. At this point, the buyers show up and another twist arrives; Director Patten of CDC is ordering these men to get the cure and kill Lola, Owen and Professor Richard Waters. A shoot-out follows, and Lola lets Richard go. When the shoot-out gets tough, Edgar shows up to help them.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 6, “The Lasagna as a Whole” ends with the Shangain police arresting Owen and Lola — the person ordering their arrest is Sloane McIntyre. Another betrayal!

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