Medical Police Recap: Escaping Many More Twists



Medical Police Season 1, Episode 7, “Everybody Panic!” presents the audience with a hilarious prison break as Lola and Owen find out a new truth.

This recap of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1, Episode 7, “Everybody Panic!” contains significant spoilers.

So our friends Lola (Erinn Hayes) and Owen (Rob Huebel) are in prison in Episode 7, “Everybody Panic!’. When they are shown to their single bed, they meet their colleague and friend Blake; he somehow ended up in the same prison while getting arrested on holiday. Blake seems pretty cool about it, believing he is one of the gang leaders. Owen and Lola are also not on speaking terms after Lola allowed Professor Waters to escape.

But they want to escape and quickly and Blake introduces Owen and Lola to another inmate who is an expert at escaping prison.

Meanwhile, Cat wakes up in hospital in Episode 7 and she is asked by the police to identify the terrorist. While she describes the man an officer draws, which forms an amusing gag where Cat’s wide-ranging descriptions somehow produce a drawing the police can use.

Back in prison and Lola and Owen are tricked into believing they have a prison escape plan from one of the inmates; it was a prank — the inmate was working with the prison guards.

Owen and Lola end up in the “zoo” locked up in a cage and they soon find out that the nameless woman who attacked them on the plane is in prison — this woman pulls out a tiny chainsaw from her throat and escapes her cage and then splits up their cage bars to get to Owen and Lola. Luckily, Blake knocks her out with a rock.

While in the cage, Owen and Lola decide to make peace over Lola allowing Professor Waters to escape.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 7, “Everybody Panic!” closes with Owen and Lola trying to pretend they have the virus so the prison guards throw them over the wall. The woman on the plane continues to attack them, which causes a riot in the prison. The riot provides an opportunity to escape; they have the woman from the plane chasing after them and on the other side of the gates Sloane McIntyre is waiting for them in her car. They don’t trust Sloane, but they have no choice but to jump into her car.

When they get into Sloane’s car, Professor Richard Waters is there. Sloane makes Owen and Lola aware that they are on their side. Lola tells Professor Waters that she doesn’t have the virus and that the rash on her neck is just makeup, however as the scene closes, you can clearly see an actual rash.

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