Medical Police Recap: Hideout Remote Nation of Bhutan



Medical Police Season 1, Episode 8, “Just the D” is another cat and mouse type chapter as the conclusion to the story draws closer.

This recap of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1, Episode 8, “Just the D” contains significant spoilers.

Episode 8, “Just the D” sees the fugitives (Waters, Lola, Owen and Sloane) now on the run and Sloane has an idea — head to Bhutan, a remote nation where the virus has not hit yet. They will not be found by Director Patten there, who is the evil villain behind all this.

In their remote location, Owen (Rob Huebel) and Sloane (Sarayu Blue) reminisce about their days where they have lost friends and how they’ve got to where they are today. Meanwhile, Professor Waters and Lola sit in another room, trying to figure out a way of curing the virus. Waters praises Lola.

But Episode 8, “Just the D” changes when Lola notices she is infected by checking out her neck in the bathroom; she leaves the hut they are in and sticks a note on the mirror telling someone “I love you”. Owen notices the note and blames Waters for upsetting her.

Owen chases after Lola and he learns that Lola loves him, not Waters. She tells Owen that she has the virus, but Owen does not care, and they have sex in the snow.  Meanwhile, Sloane accidentally gives away their location by trying to buy products at a nearby store. A helicopter suddenly shines down on them.

So the fugitives are captured; Director Patten reveals he was causing the outbreak to save millions in the long run. He asks Professor Waters to bring forward a cure. Waters test the cure on Lola but then gets frustrated; the cure does not work and has sped up the disease. Goldfinch turns up in his van and a shoot-out starts. To help Lola, Sloane and Owen getaway, Professor Waters gets in the way of gunfire and is shot in the head.

While in the van driving away, Owen asks the question; if Professor Waters did not create the virus then who did? Medical Police Season 1, Episode 8, “Just the D” ends with Lola in deep thought and then asks Goldfinch to take them to Brazil. She believes she created the virus.

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