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Medical Police Season 1, Episode 9, “Real Heavy Hitter” sees a race against time as Lola needs to recover her past research to figure out a cure for the virus.

This recap of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1, Episode 9, “Real Heavy Hitter” contains significant spoilers.

Episode 9, “Real Heavy Hitter” begins with a flashback; a younger Lola (Erinn Hayes) attempting to crack Virology and become a professor. She presents her findings on a theoretical manufactured synthetic virus but Professor Waters claims that Lola’s theory is a “dream” and tells her he is not proud. In reality, Professor Waters took the research for himself, but the point is, despite knocking Lola’s confidence for many years, her research is still on her old laptop at the Children’s Hospital. That’s the answer to the cure.

So Goldfinch heads to Brazil with Owen, Lola, and Sloane. When they get to the hospital it is guarded by the military due to the virus outbreak. They find a way to sneak in and then they learn that Lola’s old desk, which has her old laptop inside, is part of a desk auction.

A vast portion of Episode 8, “Real Heavy Hitter” is Owen and Lola trying desperately to win the desk with absurd high bids. When they get to Lola’s desk, it is revealed that inside is a laptop with the cure so everyone begins bidding high. Luckily, Glenn turns up and puts in a $500k bid to scare everyone else off.

Owen and Lola open the old laptop and it has an old version of Windows on it. Lola decides to do a software update before reading her old research. Lola believes she has a cure and as they celebrate, Cat pushes Owen out of the way; there was a sniper about to kill him. The bullet hits the laptop, so Lola now has to remember the cure from memory.

Medical Police Season 1, Episode 9, “Real Heavy Hitter” ends with Sloane turning up and letting Owen and Lola know that the hospital is under attack; it’s Director Patten’s team.

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