Medical Police season 1 review: a bizarre but funny Childrens Hospital spin-off

January 10, 2020
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Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1


Medical Police Season 1 is funny, silly and bizarre at the same time. It’s an enjoyable 10-part Netflix series that will amuse you in small 20-minute chunks.

This review of Netflix Series Medical Police Season 1 contains no spoilers.

It’s useful to know that Medical Police is a spin-off series to the hugely popular Childrens Hospital that had a final episode date in April 2016. It is also useful to know that you do not require to watch the original story in order to watch Medical Police. I am sure fans will feel satisfied with the nostalgia delivered by the Netflix series, but as someone who is new to this Universe, I felt immediately comfortable with it.

The comedy series follows Lola (Erinn Hayes) and Owen (Rob Huebel). While working at the hospital one day, it becomes apparent that a deadly virus is breaking out in Brazil, and the most noticeable sign is a mean-looking rash. Lola takes it upon herself to find a cure for this virus, pulling along Owen, but it becomes obvious rather fast that this is a design by a bioterrorist.

Medical Police Season 1 is silly. Every gag is bordering on dumb-fun, but that is transparently the point. The story is not meant to make sense or subscribe to any straightforward logic. The writing and the dramatic music looks forward to the next awkward stalemate where two characters look at each other with the anticipation that something impactful is going to take place. And you laugh; you laugh at how much fun the cast is having not taking their acting seriously.

Each chapter progresses this urgency that the world needs saving. Characters flit from country to country, city to city so fast that it is nonsensical. It’s not difficult to watch Medical Police in one sitting, as the episodes tend to flow with all the madness behind it. Other characters from Childrens Hospital do return, enhancing the nostalgic element that I am sure fans will enjoy.

If you fancy some fun, Medical Police Season 1 will give you a giggle or two, and I am confident Netflix will try to commission a second season if the fans prop up the viewership.

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