Little America season 1 review – courageous true stories on immigration is what the USA needs right now

January 13, 2020
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Little America Season 1 tells the stories America doesn’t want to hear but what it needs to see right now as it gives us eight wonderful chapters on immigration.

Little America Season 1 will be released on Apple TV Plus on January 17, 2020.

With American policies on immigration taking center stage of Trump’s presidency, there was never a wrong time to release a new series on the recently launched Apple TV+ about courageous immigrant stories. The new streaming platform, which received ironic heat from Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes recently, has crept up beside Netflix to bring audiences stories regarding immigrants.

I assume there are many stories to tell but I always wonder if there’s folk out there that watch a series like this one and come to the realization that immigrants are like everyone else. That’s a startling concept to believe, that people need a series like this to think differently. Let’s hope it works, as Little America feels inspiring as much as insightful.

Little America Season 1 gives audiences eight separate true stories following a different person each time. Episode 1 opens up about a young boy who quickly turns into a man that manages a motel, waiting for his parents to return after they were deported back to their home country. It reveals the ramifications it had on this boy’s wellbeing and his years of patience waiting for his parents to return. Most of the stories revolve around the importance of family and the value immigrants can bring if they are given a fair chance — which only seems ironic given the “zero tolerance” policy implemented by Trump’s ICE in recent years, splitting children from their parents.

The Apple TV+ series easy to watch and heartfelt; eight wonderful true stories give audiences a timely reminder of our humanity; from bakers to sports athletes, this anthology series has a knack of pulling at the heartstrings. It’s difficult to pinpoint a genuine weak point in the series that is designed the debate the “why”. Why are we moving backward not forwards when it comes to solutions to immigration? Why are we struggling to consider the positive impact immigrants have on our societies from all walks of life? Little America Season 1 is not just fictional opportunity, it is a signal that America was and should still be considered to be the center point of freedom and opportunity. It should not be bestowed by cruel family separation policies. It should be a country that is proud of its prosperous nature and allows others to relish in increasing the country’s success.

Little America Season 1 is a resounding success, and one would hope that Apple TV+ consider a second season.

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