Joe Hill’s Locke And Key comic is coming to Netflix in February

January 17, 2020 (Last updated: February 6, 2020)
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Comic fans are excited by the news that Locke And Key by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King and currently helming his own horror imprint at DC Comics, is coming to Netflix in February.

The much loved comic series that follows a trio of siblings who move to the family home after the murder of their father, was written by Hill for IDW comics. Essentially a story in three acts, the first run was a 6-issue mini-series, followed by another two 6-issue runs, then concluding with further 6-issue releases and various one-off stories that fleshed out the universe and provided further insights to the lore.

In 2019, at San Diego Comic-con, Hill announced further plans for more Locke and Key issues that focus on historical events that affect the cast in the present day.

The TV show appears to have 10 episodes covering the first run of the series and stars Jackson Robert Scott as Bode, Connor Jessup as Tyler and Emilia Jones as Kinsey.

There has been, as usual, a long development period for the show, with rumors of a series being around since 2010, but Netflix has confirmed that February 7th is the release date of this latest comic book to TV adaptation.

With the popularity of properties such as Umbrella Academy and The Boys, it appears that with Marvel and DC properties becoming sparse, smaller companies such as IDW are being mined for viable ideas that can make the jump to streaming services.

Hopes are high for this show, and it has a high pedigree that may be what is needed for viewers that are unfamiliar with the comic to tune in.

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