The Unicorn season 1, episode 12 recap – banging one out in “It Isn’t Romantic” Bedbound



Wade turns a corner in “It Isn’t Romantic” as a medical emergency leads to too much order, not enough chaos, and the discovery of Forrest’s hidden talent.

This recap of The Unicorn Season 1, Episode 12, “It Isn’t Romantic”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The Unicorn Episode 12 has two crises to deal with. The first is Wade (Walton Goggins) and his headspace post-Anna, after having realized that he is by no means emotionally ready for a committed relationship. The second is Michelle (Maya Lynne Robinson), who is rushed to hospital after doubling up and throwing up, and returns home without a gall bladder.

The Wade thing is a problem because he can’t shut up about how he’s feeling, either to his friends or in his widows’ support group. The Michelle thing is a problem because she has a household to run and she’s convinced that it’ll fall apart without her. Medically-speaking, though, she has no choice but to rest, so Delia (Michaela Watkins) and Ben (Omar Benson Miller) are going to help pick up the slack. She’ll handle the housework and the kids; he’ll pick up cute new outfits from the mall. Needless to say, this doesn’t go to plan. Delia is quickly overwhelmed by laundry, while Ben is hung up on braiding hair in time for school photos. Forrest (Rob Corddry) is roped into taking the older girls clothes shopping, while Wade takes Noah (Devin Bright) to work with him.

While “It Isn’t Romantic” seems as though it’s heading in the direction of a classic escalating-chaos sitcom episode, it quickly veers off-course. Ben and Delia eventually get a handle on the hair and household duties. Wade, while initially frustrated that Noah won’t shut up, manages to soak in some wisdom from the young idiot, realizing that rigidly adhering to a plan isn’t always the best way for an adult to behave — this pairs nicely with some advice Caroline (Betsy Brandt) gave him earlier in the episode about dealing with his long-term issues using short-term solutions. And Forrest, after an ill-advised spell on the “dad bench” where he’s quickly stunned into confused silence by sports talk, realizes that he has an almost preternatural affinity for women’s fashion.

But this backfires somewhat in The Unicorn Episode 12. Michelle is dismayed to realize that she isn’t as integral to the operation of the house as she thought, so Delia and Ben hatch a plan to create some chaos — he’ll take out the braids he labored over, and she’ll screw up dinner, and that way Michelle will feel more valued. It works a treat; a confused Forrest hopping onboard after arriving at the house to brag about his outfit choices might be a low-key highlight of “It Isn’t Romantic”.

And it isn’t the only success story of The Unicorn Season 1, Episode 12. Wade, following Noah and Caroline’s advice, decides to just “bang one out” — with Caroline. While he makes his getaway before things get weird, it isn’t an outlandish idea that these two are likely to cross paths again before long. Sometimes it’s only when you have no plan at all that a plan really comes together.

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