Bad Boys for Life second opinion – an action-packed comedy smash



Bad Boys for Life is a truly enjoyable action comedy that sees Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to their best.

Bad Boys for Life is the third part in the trilogy, with new directors Adil el Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Gangsta), reuniting the original cast of Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Joe Pantoliano, along with newcomers Paola Nunez, Vanessa Hudgens, Jacob Scipio, Kate del Castillo and scene-stealer Alexander Ludwig.

Bad Boys for Life follows Detectives Mike Lowrey (Smitha) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), who are hitting new landmarks in life. Marcus has become a grandfather, while Mike gets shot, facing his own mortality and getting close to wanting to cross the line of law to capture the man who shot him. Mike must work with a new team known as AMMO who is tackle crime in a different way, while a calculated killer, Isabel (Castillo), is arranging her own revenge plan on the people who killed her husband.

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Bad Boys for Life does do something different with the story instead of just have a drug lord or cartel; we get one person carrying out a vengeful attack on the Miami police department with Mike being the main target, while also continuing the aging to retirement of Marcus, including showing how he is completely bored with this new lifestyle. We also go through a generational transition between the older style and the new technology-heavy detective work that AMMO has been working on. This story does have a much more personal touch; it makes us want to see more of the adventures of Mike and Marcus.

Bad Boys for Life sees Will Smith return to his very best, becoming an edgy figure which we haven’t seen before even in this franchise, while Martin Lawrence who has only starred in one film in the last decade is fantastic, with the character trying to retire, dealing with becoming a grandfather and his loyalty to his best friend, getting all the laughs along the way. When it comes to Kate del Catillo and Jacob Scipio in the villainous roles, they are entertaining, with Kate bringing the seductive figure, while Jacob brings the cold-eyed assassin. We have a few more supporting performances from Alexander Ludwig who has one of the best characters in the film, being a man-mountain who is against violence, Vanessa Hudgens being a rookie that feels like she could follow in the footsteps of Mike and Marcus, along with Paola Nunez as the love interest for Mike.

Bad Boys for Life has been an action-comedy trilogy that used to be under control of Michael Bay, putting him on the map with the first film, before embracing his explosion-heavy style in the second film. The new directors bring a unique style, which looks great to watch, only it doesn’t make too much logical sense when it comes to the high-speed chases, which are filled with handbrake turns. We do have an excellent action-filled set-piece to end the film, which like the franchise has always saved the biggest till last.

Overall Bad Boys for Life could well be the best in the trilogy. The action is covered in style, Will Smith hasn’t looked this good since the ’90s and Martin Lawrence makes his grand return to the big screen here.

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