Shrill season 2 review – second installment throws more life challenges at Annie

January 21, 2020
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Hulu Series Shrill Season 2 gives off the same vibes as the first installment; funny but lacks the depth to make the audience care about the characters.

Hulu Series Shrill Season 2 will be released on the platform on January 24, 2020. Are you a UK fan? Then do not worry — the second season will be released on BBC Three the following day.

When Shrill came to our screens, we admired the tenacity of the lead character. Despite societal pressures telling her to lose weight, she refused — instead, she wanted to change other controlling factors in her life. The first season of the Hulu series was a genuine story about body positivity and self-discovery and despite Ready Steady Cut giving it only 3 stars, the messages were appreciated. Annie represents many of us – stop taking life seriously and make a hasty decision – f–k it.

Shrill Season 2 follows the first instalment immediately after Annie’s outburst; she’s potentially got a criminal charge against her, she’s unemployed and she’s embarking on the next phase of her new serious relationship.

Like Season 1, Season 2 is on the surface simple and straight-to-the-point. It values Annie’s elementary approach to life. For instance, the character manages to make the prospect of embarking on a freelancing life something that will piece together like a jigsaw puzzle. It removes the reality that freelancing for most people takes years of archive building.

And I think that’s the selling point of Annie; her flitting between positivity and negativity is always at ease. Failures come quick but her optimism is a flair, a resounding element of her personality.

Shrill Season 2 throws more life challenges at Annie. She is faced with more career choices, an emotionally inept and sex-obsessed boyfriend and a mother that seems to be irking her more than usual. It’s pretty much the same as the previous season, where it is difficult to care about the characters but it still makes you laugh and shrug at certain plot points. Its almost a given that Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant will make you laugh, but give us substance Hulu! There’s enough talent behind the show to give us more.

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