Film Podcasts: A Random Baker’s Dozen Collection of My Favorites

January 28, 2020 (Last updated: 6 days ago)
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I love film podcasts, but who has the time to listen to all of them out there? If your favorites aren’t found below, please leave a comment on any you feel should have been mentioned or should be included in a future volume two edition!

Here is a collection of some of my favorite film podcasts. They are listed in no particular order other than searching for images of the ones selected.

The Movie Journey Podcast

Formerly known as the IMDb Journey Podcast, where they would go through the IMDB 250 Film rankings is a movie variety podcast filled with humor, light-hearted banter, quizzes, drafts, and face-offs with other like-minded podcasts and guests. Hosted by long-time friends Dan and Dean, this movie podcast does something perhaps better than any different on Film Twitter; they get their listeners involved with their reviews and thoughts (even if they disagreed with my assessment of Motherless Brooklyn). The Movie Journey Podcast is just as much a variety show as it is a film podcast.

Next Best Picture Podcast

While Film Twitter can be like High School, Next Best Picture is the cool-kids table podcast. They never turn their noses up at their audience. Matt Negs and friends specialize in awards coverage, often producing quality podcast sessions the day of, as they’re happening, and immediate reactions after everything from minor to significant award show coverage. Of course, they aren’t limited to this, as they discuss various topics in entertainment, including some great interviews with industry experts. Check out their podcasts with special guests like Toy Story 4 director John Cooley or The Last Black Man in San Francisco‘s Jonathan Majors.

Insession Film Podcast

InSession Film was the first podcast I listened to on Film Twitter, and they have only gotten better with age. InSession produces weekly podcasts with reviews on the latest movies, multiple topics within the industry, entertaining top-three lists, and annual polls unveiled during their show to get their listeners involved. I may label them as the passionate, film geek podcast, JD Duran, Brendan Cassidy, and others, unabashedly talking about their love of film with intelligence and insightful thoughts that are always entertaining movie magic goodness. Check out their 2019 recap podcast in two parts, over three hours each, and rumored that it had to be edited by Thelma Schoonmaker before being released.

Feelin’ Film Podcast

Feelin’ Film, hosted by Aaron White and Patrick Hicks, is one of my favorite film podcasts that I relate to because they separate themselves from others of their ilk by focusing on the emotional experience of a film rather than the technical aspects of the industry. While they certainly can handle the latter if needed on their own, for me, the art of film is the physical reaction that unfolds in front of you. Perhaps more than any I have listened to, they do more episodes catered to their patrons than most. Check out two of my favorite episodes where they solve the mystery of if Die Hard is a Christmas film (spoiler alert, it is) and discuss movie friendship films like The Shawshank Redemption.

The Screeners Podcast

What I love about The Screeners Podcast is that after listening to one episode, it’s like being a fly on the wall of a group of friends hanging out, drinking a beer, and instead of talking sports, talking about the film in an intelligent, but relatable way. Whether it’s finding out a like-minded genius named Daniel picked Blindspotting for his top film of 2018, Chad’s time served in a barbershop quartet, Tyler’s love of The West Wing and Star Trek, or April being brave enough, to tell the truth to power about A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Screeners Podcast is compulsively entertaining.

Mike, Mike, and Oscar Podcast

Perhaps the most relatable film podcast of them all, Mike, Mike, and Oscar (MMO), produce so many casts weekly it may be impossible to keep up. Good thing they are so different and more unusual than most podcasts, yet entertaining enough to binge the vast amount of content. Mike, Mike, and Oscar are for you if you enjoy film-awards podcasts like Next Best Picture in a self-proclaimed off-kilter way. Check out their interview with Richard Jewell actor Paul Walter Hauser and the six degrees of MMO. It’s a good one.

In Their League Podcast

In Their League shatters’ the male-dominated film podcast system by dedicating their website and podcast to celebrating female filmmakers and other underrepresented talent working in the industry known as film. It’s a perspective that is sorely needed, not only in Hollywood but in film criticism, and is worth your time and attention. Please check out their episode as they gather all your favorites to discuss their film of the decade, Lady Bird; it’s one of the better casts produced this year.

Jumpcast (A Jumpcut Online Podcast)

A relatively new podcast from the well-respected Jumpcut Online brand where team members specialized in covering newly released films, upcoming films or events, and discussing their member’s latest film reviews. I most enjoy Jumpcast’s pods rotating for every episode, inviting guests from their team and other film experts and media types. If you are a ravenous or even mild Star Wars fan, check out their special series covering everything from the original trilogy, sequels, prequels, and spin-offs.

And The Runner-Up Is Podcast

“And the Runner-Up Is” Podcast is a show dedicated to reexamining past Academy Award nominations that analyzes what film would have most likely been the runner-up to the Best Picture winner of that year. Hosted by Kevin Jacobsen, he breaks down almost every angle. Even if you don’t agree with him (you can’t gather three people in a room nowadays to agree on anything), you will always be entertained and gain insight into their process. Check out their series of On Second Thought, How Did They Win, and special guests, like one of my favorite film critics Nell Minow, as they talk about likely runner-up to the 1955 Best Picture, Marty.

Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

I tried to avoid any experience or popular media professionals. Still, former ESPN Anchor and current DAZN frontman have been one of the most recognizable outside-the-box cinephiles on Film Twitter. I always looked forward to his appearances on Mike and Mike to go over his thoughts on the Academy Awards. I have produced a fantastic podcast with industry and media types come in for interviews and movie news. A self-proclaimed Martin Scorsese and The Sopranos superfan, his casts are entertaining while consistently relatable to a wide range of film fans.

Reel Spoilers Podcast

A film podcast dedicated to not caring if they ruin the movie for you, Reel Spoilers covers the latest films and takes a deep dive review in analyzing each film up to an entire episode at a time. With other podcast sessions dedicated to movie news, buzz, the box office, trailer reactions, and an episode that even talks about “old-timey” movie references, “you see,” make Reel Spoilers a must-listen-to ‘cast, as long as you’ve already seen the movie.

Minorities Report FILM Podcast

Minorities Report FILM is a vital podcast that brings together men who are insufficiently represented in film and television criticism. In their own words, Minorities are your “… weekly dive into all things movies and entertainment through a colorful perspective.” Listen to writer/director Raul Navedo, actor/content-creator/writer Kolby Mac, and Disney fanatic Mohamed Shama discuss the latest news, issues, box office, reactions, reviews through their unique lenses. Pick one, they are all entertaining and insightful, but their recent reaction to the Oscar 2020 nominations is a must-listen if I had to choose.

Piecing It Together Podcast


Piecing It Together takes a different angle from the norm on daily film podcasts than the typical industry news, box office, or reviews. Each episode, they will look at a movie and explore the pieces inspired by previous cinematic works. Hosted by composer David Rosen, he rotates guest cohosts weekly for a well-rounded experience. Check out the episode on the origin of Uncut Gems with special guest Kris Krainock as they take a deep dive referencing a Robert Altman film, California Split.

Honorable Mention:
The Music City Drive-In Podcast

Hosted by Jacob and Ricky, they are very new to the film twitter podcast scene. Still, they are proudly self-aware of this, with their learn-by-doing mantra specializing in award season film coverage and their latest watched squeezed in between classes. Music City Drive-In Podcast is as fun as a night out in Nashville that introduces regionalized awards that can be checked out in their Whiskies Award Podcast show, like The Hangover Award, Boozy Award, Nashville Award, and the Whiskey Awards.

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    Hope to be included in the next list. we interview folks who worked on a particular sequel, then discuss it the next week.

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