Fast and Furious 9 trailer thoughts – the cars fly now?

January 31, 2020
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The first Fast and Furious 9 trailer is here. And we have some thoughts.

Hype Metre

We are in 4th Gear for hype. We know that Dwayne Johnson isn’t in this one, which is a shame, because he has been one of the best additions to the franchise, but the action is always wildly over the top and well worth watching with the biggest pot of popcorn.

What Looks Good?

The action is always going to be the biggest selling point in this film, and it looks brilliant once again. It may have not wanted to give us some of the major sequences, but the series always has. Now we have Dom catching a car, and yeah, that sounds bonkers — watch yourself to make you own opinion on that one. A bonkers bridge swing, which again is fresh, though no physics seem to be involved at all though. We must also talk about the return of Cipher; we kind of knew the battle between her and Dom wasn’t going to be over. John Cena as the next big bad, as a character known as Jacob, who is a master thief, assassin, high-performance driver and a brother from Dom’s past, so basically Jason Statham without the military background.

What Looks Bad?

Roman does spell out the plot, which proves once again he is only here for that reason. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be on the scale of the previous films; it seems to be a much more personal battle, rather than somebody wanting to destroy the world. You could look at this in two ways: 1) we haven’t learned enough about the plot, and 2) taking the story back to its roots. The trailer does also give away plenty of smaller appearances, be it Helen Mirren returning, which makes sense, because of the relationship they formed in Fate of the Furious, along with another returning character in Han, who was meant to be dead and is the main reason for the battles in Furious 7. This is bad because we would have liked to see this for the first time in the film — think of that surprise.

Did Too Much Get Spoiled?

YES. The Fast and Furious 9 trailer has given away way too much: the relationship between Dom and the new villain played by John Cena, the return of a major character… this is a huge sin. Did we not learn anything from the surprises that Hobbs and Shaw gave us? Look at the hidden characters we didn’t learn about until the film itself in that one. This is the first trailer and you have managed to give away the major surprises, which is a huge disappointment.

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