Alterna Comics to publish Indiegogo title Downcast

February 2, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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Sci-fi adventure Downcast is the latest crowdfunded comic to secure publication by Alterna Comics.

For those of you unfamiliar, Alterna Comics is a publisher that, over the last decade, has made a small niche for itself publishing all kinds of comics for all kinds of people. Titles are usually all mini-series’, with 4 to 6 issues per run, ranging from horror-based stories such as The Chair, written and drawn by Peter Simeti, the owner of the company himself, to Mr. Bones, an all-ages title aimed squarely at kids.

Alterna has a unique selling point though, offering comics at a very low price, usually around $1.50, and offsetting the price by printing on newsprint. This gives the whole company a retro feel, which is also enhanced by the cover trade dress that looks like the 1990’s Marvel comics. Alterna has had an exciting couple of years, with a steady range of titles being produced and titles such as Blood Realm breaking new ground, and others rumored to have been optioned for film and TV.

Alterna has always encouraged submissions, but it would appear that an Indiegogo creator, with active campaigns, has caught their attention, and it seems that Alterna is picking up his property Downcast and looking to get it published.

The comic book company has done similar things before with titles such as Mother Russia and Unit 44, so it would appear that this is an idea that has worked before and will no doubt work again.

Downcast is a sci-fi adventure featuring a brother and sister written by Clint Stoker that has had a successful first campaign. The second book in the series is on the way, and as I write, is at the $18,000 mark with plenty of time still to go.

Stoker will retain all the rights to his book, even though Alterna are set to publish his material in October of this year.

This approach would appear a win-win for the publisher and the creator, and it will also open up Stoker’s comic to a wider audience than he may garner on crowdfunding sites.

The news was released on Sweetcast, Clint Stoker’s YouTube channel, and he is clearly enthused by the turn of events.

You can order Alterna comics direct from the publisher, and my recommendations from them include sci-fi horror title Trespasser, supernatural noir title Midnight Mystery and futuristic western revenge tale Go West.

Go check em out.

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