Our Top DC Picks for April 2020

February 2, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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Our top DC picks for April 2020 is our monthly preview series, in which we highlight some of the more noteworthy titles coming from DC in the near future. You can check out the last of those previews by clicking these words.

The Joker gets the 100-page spectacular treatment in April as the character reached his 80th anniversary. This is the same format one-shot that DC has been pushing for the likes of Wonder Woman #750 and Detective Comics #1000, and features an array of creative talent including Paul Dini, Dennis O’Neil, Tony S Daniel, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. There’s the usual run of variant covers going through the decades, and if you are a fan of The Clown Prince of Crime, grab the one you like the best.

Well, they are going for it this year with another 80th-anniversary 100-page prestige comic. This one is for Catwoman, so re-read the above paragraph, insert Catwoman for Joker and creators include Ann Nocenti, Mindy Newell, Jim Balent, and Tula Lotay.

Batman #92 and #93 continues a great run from new writer James Tynion IV and Guillem March. The greatest heist in Gotham’s history comes courtesy of the Designer, and if you have been slow getting back into Batman, get to your LCS and grab those back issues, the current arc finishes in #92 and “Joker War” starts in #93.

New writer Paula Sevenbergen is on Catwoman for issue #22. I am sad to see Joelle Jones off this book but will have a look at it anyway.

Hal Jordan is grounded on Earth, as Green Lantern Season 2 issue #3 continues. An alien presence that must be located has a connection to Hal’s past, and it poses a dangerous threat. Nice art and cover by Liam Sharp make this a near-perfect comic book.

Nightwing #71 looks intense, with Ric Grayson captured by the Joker by Dan Jurgens, there’s a great cover for this by Mike Perkins, and speaking of Robins, Teen Titans Annual #2 is a 48-page special that has ramifications for Batman and Damian Wayne.

Steve Orlando is writing a new arc in Wonder Woman and in issue #755 introduces us to The Four Horsewomen. Warmaster is on the move and gunning for WW, who is on trial for the sins of the Amazonians. Look for a nice variant cover from Ian MacDonald.

I am enjoying Simon Spurrier’s take on John Constantine in Hellblazer, and in issue #6 John makes the acquaintance of a spirit “that has a terrifying significance for all of England” and I imagine the rest of the UK too, but they didn’t say that in the solicitation.

Back issue lovers will delight in a facsimile edition of Detective Comics #475 by Steve Engleheart, Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin. This is the iconic Joker Fish storyline from a run almost unsurpassed in Batman history. You must grab this if you have never seen it.

These were our top DC picks for April 2020. Happy hunting everyone.

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