Joe Hill Reveals Doctor Who Rejection

February 9, 2020
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Joe Hill is enjoying the fact that his cult comic book Locke & Key has arrived on Netflix and is allowing a whole new audience to enjoy the creepy supernatural thriller, however, an appearance on a podcast revealed Hill’s epic rejection from the Doctor Who production team.

Hill reveals on the podcast that he has always been a huge fan of the long-running sci-fi show, and recalls happy times watching the series with his own children.

Hill was so enthused by the show, saying that watching the David Tenant era with his sons was “a really happy part of their childhood,” that he decided to try and pitch an episode.

Joe then set himself to work, even engaging the help of Neil Gaiman, who had written two episodes of the series previously. Gaiman wrote fan favorite “The Doctor’s Wife” and the not so successful “Nightmare In Silver”.

After working for a month and a half, and asking Neil to edit his pitches, Joe provided three separate ideas for episodes, and “with trepidation and my heart in my mouth”, he pitched his ideas to the show.

Then BOOM.

The rejection from the BBC is nothing short of savage, and Hill presents the story in his own words: “And so I, you know, with trepidation and my heart in my mouth, I sent in my pitches, and a couple of weeks passed, and I got… the email I got back said, ‘We have never let an American write Doctor Who, and if we were going to, we wouldn’t start with you.”

As the podcast goes on, you get the idea that Hill is over the rejection, and is happy to laugh about the whole situation, but on a personal level, I would have loved an episode by Joe Hill, with edits by Neil Gaiman.

Let’s be honest, it may have been a shining gem in the middle of the current season.

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