The Expendables Go To Hell Graphic Novel Is On it’s Way!

February 9, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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Fans of the Sylvester Stallone movie franchise will be over the moon with the news that there is a new graphic novel, based on the characters from the films, that follows the team all the way into Hell; the aptly-titled The Expendables Go To Hell.

With an idea from Sylvester Stallone himself, this oversized comic will be written by comics legend Chuck Dixon. Dixon has an incredible comic book pedigree with an amazing run on titles such as Batman. He is also the creator of Batman villain Bane and will be joined on the project by long time collaborator Graham Nolan.

The Expendables Go To Hell features many of the main characters from the movie including Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Randy Couture, with the team seemingly arriving in hell and facing up to the likes of Hitler and Stalin.

As well as the main story, it seems that the book will also have three other side quests from different creative teams, all featuring Expendables characters.

Now before you go rushing out to your LCS to order the book, you should know that this title is actually a crowd-funded project on Indiegogo. You can head over to the site and see that as well as various different covers, there was a chance to get a copy of the book actually signed by Stallone himself. However, sad to say that those books have sold out.

In fact, the whole project has caught the imagination of fans of both film and comic books.

Currently, the book is at just under $100,000 and there are still 25 days of the campaign left. There are also stretch goals that are still to be revealed, and that will mean backers get even more value for their pledge at no extra cost.

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