The Unicorn season 1, episode 15 recap – “Everyone’s A Winner” Game Day



Wade locks horns with a queen bee school mom in “Everyone’s A Winner”, and Forest remains dangerously unemployed.

This recap of The Unicorn Season 1, Episode 15, “Everyone’s A Winner”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Continuing on from last week, The Unicorn Episode 15 is quick to remind us that Forrest (Rob Corddry) is still unemployed — and of course, Delia (Michaela Watkins) is “supporting him”, mostly by not killing him. At a basketball game which includes Ben (Omar Benson Miller) and Michelle’s (Maya Lynne Robinson) daughter Sahai (Princess K. Mapp) and Wade’s (Walton Goggins) daughter Natalie (Makenzie Moss), we’re introduced to that and the two other major conflicts of “Everyone’s A Winner”: Ben can’t stop arguing with the team’s coach Vanessa (Paula Newsome), and Wade hits it off with the grade’s queen-bee mother, Heather (Julie Berman).

Natalie is very much in favor of Wade asking out Heather since she’s the mom of popular girl Jordan, and at first, it seems like a good idea — she’s funny and up-front and why not, really? Well, it turns out she’s kind of a psychopath. At the cinema, she won’t stop noisily talking about whether Saoirse Ronan has ever starred in a movie in which she didn’t lose her virginity, and while she makes a good point, it’s not exactly decent etiquette. Wade tries to get her to be quiet, which doesn’t go well, to say the least.

Delia and Michelle are quick to chastise Wade for going out with Heather in The Unicorn Episode 15, but they have problems of their own. Forrest has taken to buying expensive model ships and then buying even more expensive security equipment when his packages are stolen by “porch pirates” — and yes, don’t worry, Wade does indeed point out the irony of his ships being stolen by pirates. And Ben just can’t let his beef with Vanessa go to such an extent that he’s banned from the games, and afterward so is Michelle for video-calling him and letting him watch that way.

Wade’s love-life seemingly has negative repercussions for Natalie in “Everyone’s A Winner”. She’s the only member of the team not invited to Jordan’s birthday party. Wade attempts to confront Heather about this but that doesn’t go well either, though she denies having taken her annoyance with Wade out on Natalie. Lo and behold, Wade finds the invitation in his email spam folder — “Why would I open that? It’s full of spam.” — and then has to apologize to Heather for his assumption, which, predictably, doesn’t go well either.

At least Ben is able to reach an understanding with Vanessa, who explains that she knows his daughter is a natural point guard but is also a classic coach’s daughter — a selfish player. She’s making her play out of position to teach her a lesson, and Ben sees the logic. Forrest, however, remains unemployed, and Wade remains single — both of those things are sure to crop up again next week.

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