Grown-ish season 3, episode 5 recap – “Gut Feeling” Bye Bye Baby



Nomi’s baby shower sparks a debate, Skye discovers a shocking surprise regarding her new boyfriend, and a possible series exit happens in “Gut Feeling.”

This recap of Grown-ish season 3, episode 5 “Gut Feeling,” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 5 starts with Nomi’s first ultrasound. Luca is there for support. When the duo arrives home, they see that the whole crew has thrown her a party (complete with a “MILF to Be” banner). She informs the friend group that she may not keep the baby. Her parents want her to place the baby up for adoption. It’ll be hard to be a full-time student and a single mom. She recalls how freaked out she was when she went to the family dorm and saw the chaos.

Ana wants Nomi to keep the baby while Zoey says that if Nomi truly wants to adopt, she shouldn’t rule it out. Ana asks Nomi if the Father knows about her choice, but she said he doesn’t even know she’s pregnant. This sparks a debate about whether or not the Father should know. Aaron says that the Father should know while Doug says it’s too late for that now. Ana tells Nomi that keeping the baby daddy away from her child to be could be a bad idea. Later, Ana reveals that she found Phil, the Father of Nomi’s baby, and also has his social media information. She can look him up if she wants.

Toward the end of Grown-ish Season 3, Episode 5, “Gut Feeling”, Zoey finds Nomi outside. She was browsing Phil’s social media and realizes he’s an actual person as opposed to a random one-night stand. Zoey tells Nomi that this isn’t a decision that anyone can make for her. With the pressure high, Nomi reveals that she doesn’t think she can choose while staying with her friends. She decides to leave and go home. With a tearful goodbye from her friends, Nomi leaves the university.

For the B-plot, “Gut Feeling” starts with Aaron and Doug realizing Skye’s boyfriend Rodney isn’t Black, surprising the boys because Jazz isn’t personally into interracial relationships. When Aaron voices his ethnicity questions, Skye says that Rodney is Black. However, she’s now doubtful. We find out that Rodney’s Dad faced wrongful incarceration, causing everyone to think he’s Black. However, he says that the cops apologized for putting him in jail, leading everyone to believe he’s White. Later, Skye sees a baby picture of Rodney with… his two white parents.

Everyone jumps on Skye, with Doug pointing out her hypocrisy of her dating a White guy when she jumped on him for dating White girls (during season one). Skye’s surprised and confused to find that she’s fallen for a guy that’s not part of her race. The question now is, how does this change things for their relationship going forward?

“Gut Feeling” is one of the stronger episodes this season. Has Emily Arlook left the series for good as Nomi? Or will she be back after the pregnancy? Only time will tell. The emotional A story balanced with the amusing B-plot made this one of the strongest outings Season 3 has had so far.

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