Batman #89 alert – grab this now, speculators

February 21, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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The speculation market is a minefield, and if you snooze you lose. I may have snoozed way through the alarm for this one, however, there may still be time to grab a copy of Batman #89 at cover price.

When Tom King left the title and was replaced with James Tynion, it was always going to happen that new characters would appear in this run. The King run on the title was an unfortunate affair for Batman, and sales of the book slowly declined as fans were turned off by long, drawn-out, convoluted plots and a wedding that did nothing to excite fans or advance the characters. Print runs slumped towards the end of his run, and DC may have been cautious with this new arc from Tynion, so with possible low print runs, a new hot character, and a stunning variant, this is a perfect storm for the speculation market.

On Wednesday Batman #89 hit the stands, but of course, it was snatched up eagerly by fans that realized that the issue would feature the first cameo appearance of new villain Punchline. The villain has a panel at the start of the book, and a small last-page reveal too.

As well as that, The Designer makes an appearance here, and it is a full shot of the character as opposed to an up-close detail of him, and there are also origin stories for Mr. Teeth and Gunsmith.

The book has been released with two covers, and the variant edition has a stunning black and white Mattina card stock version.

The story itself features Deathstroke trying to assassinate the Mayor of Gotham, but the real draw here seems to be the Punchline cameo.

Now there is a chance you might still be able to grab this issue at your LCS but if you have missed it don’t despair as DC has announced a second print that should be on the stands on March 4th.

It might also be wise to remember that this comic may be hot just now, but it can go either way with new creations, so my advice is to grab it at cover price if possible, but avoid paying over the odds for it online.

Pre-order the second print if you are desperate to own a copy.

If any of you enjoy speculative features such as this, let me know so I can try to keep you up to date, and on time, in the future.

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