The Unicorn season 1, episode 16 recap – “The Client” Getting Over It



“The Client” sees Wade take on a troubling client, while Forrest’s unemployment continues to cause problems, and a stray dog is in need of a home.

This recap of The Unicorn Season 1, Episode 16, “The Client”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Things are looking up for Wade (Walton Goggins). He has landed a big work project, hired by Denny (guest star Donal Logue), who has recently separated from his wife and has a huge mansion to renovate. His admin might well be a disaster, but Wade, like most of us, has “a system”. It’s a system so complex and effective that even he can’t decipher it. Meanwhile, Forrest (Rob Corddry) is continuing his job hunt, albeit halfheartedly. These two storylines form the crux of The Unicorn Episode 16, although there’s space for a dog called Jeff, too.

Anyway, the client. Denny, being recently divorced and seemingly inexhaustibly wealthy, thinks he’s on the cusp of a new playboy lifestyle, and naturally, he wants Wade to be a part of it. Wade is more interested in landscaping, but you know how he is — a theme that’ll be reflected when Michelle’s (Maya Lynne Robinson) sister Meg (Nicole Byer), a bookkeeper, agrees to go over his accounts. Unsurprisingly his business is on the ropes because he has been far too nice, overpaying absent staff and not chasing up invoices. When Grace (Ruby Jay) and Natalie (Makenzie Moss) bring home Jeff, he’s the same way, telling them that if nobody arrives to claim him they can keep him.

Delia (Michaela Watkins), frustrated with Forrest biding his time and being irritating around the house, turns to Michelle in for advice since she seems to be able to fight with Ben (Omar Benson Miller) and then immediately get over it — something she’s unable to do. While Forrest confides in Ben, Michelle’s advice is to let her feelings be known rather than bottling them up, which isn’t good for her colon or her marriage. Natalie and Grace try to drop Jeff off since he has taken to chewing and humping things and voiding his bowels everywhere, but Michelle’s having none of that.

Reluctantly agreeing to meet up with Denny at a bar in The Unicorn Episode 16, “The Client”, Wade has to endure his painful attempts at impressing women with his plans to buy a jetski and other fanciful macho posturing. The women are, predictably, more interested in nice-guy widow Wade, so Denny takes the low road and tries to co-opt the dead wife story, which Wade can’t abide. He tells Denny he can’t work for him anymore, despite Meg’s advice.

Delia and Forrest finally have it out in “The Client”, noisily airing their frustrations after an awkward opening. But after getting into it, they both realize they hate it. Casual fighting isn’t for them, and they immediately kiss and make up. When we next see them they’re as lovey-dovey as ever, with seemingly nothing resolved. I’m not sure how healthy that’s going to be long-term, but it ties a bit of a bow around the “Forrest is unemployed” subplot.

And of course, Wade doesn’t just leave Denny to drive home blackout drunk. He stops Denny from getting into his Porsche and offers to take him home; Denny, to his credit, confesses that he’s lost without his wife to such an extent that he doesn’t even know who his dentist is. After chipping a tooth on a partially defrosted burrito, he realized how little of his life he actually managed himself. Wade agrees to still do his landscaping, just so long as Denny stops acting like a moron. The next morning Denny arrives with a big cheque, so it seems he got the message. He also takes a liking to Jeff, despite an interrogation by Grace and Natalie.

For all her efforts to sleep with Wade, Meg came up short, though she did manage to save his business from financial ruin. But lonely, rich, dog-lover Denny seems like a viable target.

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