Batman #92 – possible hot comic alert?

February 25, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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Well, after snoozing on issue #89 of Batman from James Tynion, who, in my opinion, is knocking it out the park, it might be wise to get ahead of the game by pre-ordering Batman #92.

Issue #89 gave us the first cameo of character Punchline, so not a full appearance, just a couple of panels, and recent quotes from the writer himself tell fans that Punchline is a secondary character that is going to stay in the background of the main events of the story —  until Batman #92.

With Batman really hot just now as fans get back on board after the Tom King run, plus news of filming in full swing of the new Batman movie, it appears that fans are once again hyped for the world’s greatest detective, so key books are spiking already.

A quick look at eBay will confirm this, as issue #89 seems to be averaging £25 for cover A, and possibly higher for the Mattina variant.

This is for a book that was only released last Wednesday.

So, if Batman #92 is the first full appearance of Punchline, it might be worthwhile picking one up, if you are the type of person that enjoys flipping books.

Batman #92 should be available now for pre-order and will be on general release the first week in April.

It should always be worth noting that books come and go, and there is no guarantee that hot books will remain hot, so tread carefully, buy at cover price and there’s not much to lose.

Let us know if you enjoy this type of content and we will continue with it.

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