I Am Not Okay With This season 1, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

February 26, 2020
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This recap of I Am Not Okay With This season 1, episode 7 contains spoilers and a discussion regarding the ending.

After 6 intense and well-written episodes, episode 7 sees Sydney come to terms with the secret with her father and her undesirable powers. Let’s dissect the final episode and that ending.

Why was Sydney being so positive throughout Episode 7?

The ending of Episode 6 revealed that Sydney’s father may have experienced the same superpowers as his daughter. The way Sydney’s mother described how her father felt had the hallmarks of depression. I Am Not Okay With This season 1 has smartly delivered a story where the power disguises the mental health issues. In fact, mental health issues are a trigger for the powers. Take away the powers and you still have a story here.

But back to why Sydney was trying to be positive in the finale; she did not want to deep dive into darkness with her father who committed suicide. Ironically, by trying to stay positive and not tackle the issues which trigger the powers, she has a significant trigger at the end.

If Sydney has powers, does Episode 7 confirm that her brother Liam has the same powers?

There has been no indication so far that Liam holds the same powers, although it is possible that could be the case because he was born after Sydney so could hold a similar gene. Liam gets bullied constantly at high school and does not enjoy his sister defending him. This could be an upcoming twist — we shall see.

Did the Homecoming dance confirm that Dina also has feelings for Sydney?

Through I Am Not Okay With This season 1 we were led to believe that Dina was uncomfortable with “the kiss” between her and Sydney at that party. While the two leading women dance at Homecoming, Dina reveals that she liked the kiss, suggesting that Sydney’s feelings are reciprocal. This will no doubt please the LGBTQ community because the story was leaning towards a “lesbian woman falling for a heterosexual woman” story arc, which we’ve all become accustomed to.

Unfortunately, we never got to see this romance blossom because as the two women looked like they were going to kiss, the headteacher announced King and Queen of Homecoming.

Why did Bradley’s head explode in the end?

With Bradley fuming at Sydney for telling Dina about his cheating ways, the young jock decided to grab the microphone at the Homecoming and completely humiliate Sydney. He had stolen Sydney’s diary and revealed that Sydney had kissed his girlfriend Dina, that she was also in love with her and just as he was about to reveal that Sydney believes she has superpowers, his head explodes and blood goes everywhere.

During Bradley’s humiliating speech, Sydney was understandably upset, getting angrier. As she peaked in her anger, it appears her powers killed Bradley. This produces a standout scene where Sydney runs and then walks down the road alone with blood splattered all over her.

And finally, who was “the man” in the last scene?

Episode 7 does not explain who the man is at the end. While Sydney withdrew to her own dark mind, just like her father, a man appeared and spoke to her. It did not look like Sydney recognized the man. Noticeably, when Sydney was faced the other way, the man seemed to have formed from black smoke, giving flashbacks of Lost.

I am sure fans of the comics will already know who that man is.

Is Season 2 confirmed yet?

No, but it will be a major surprise if Netflix does not throw their hat in the ring for a follow-up.

And there we have it. The recap of I Am Not Okay With This season 1, episode 7.

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