Why AT&T Won’t Sell DC to Marvel

February 28, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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We reported earlier on the current situation at DC Comics, mainly that co-publisher Dan DiDio had left the company. His publishing partner Jim Lee was apparently asleep during the drama and awoke to find himself the last man standing at the top end of the company.

The plans for a complete realignment of the major characters in the company may have played a pivotal part in DiDio’s departure, but until we get an official statement, it’s all speculation, and we know how much the comic fans love a bit of speculation.

With the future of DC seemingly being pulled through various different multiverses, it was entirely understandable that one power play could be Marvel actually pushing to purchase the company themselves, forming one mega comic book company — just imagine, Superman vs X-Men. However there is, of course, one big reason that AT&T will not sell, and it’s nothing to do with comics.

Whatever way you look at it, Superman, Batman, Wonder Women and dozens of other DC properties, are still legendary modern-day icons that have a lot more to offer than comic books.

Movies, television and merchandising opportunities that far outweigh the meager profits made from comic book sales mean that from a purely business point of view, selling these characters off would be madness.

A quick look at the figures from the Marvel Comics movie franchise will be enough to let the men in suits be very careful what they do with the DC properties, as with the right guidance, DC might just hit the right time for a multi-billion dollar series. Marvel proved it can work, and Joker made over a billion, plus the hype for the new Robert Pattinson Batman movie may be enough to keep DC where it is. However, that still won’t secure the comic book arm of the company.

If the next generation of books from DC miss the mark, it might be simpler just to let the books fade away, continue with reprints and graphic novels, concentrate on TV and film, and if people want new comics, they can be licensed out to whoever pays the most for the privilege of creating them. Maybe these are some of the factors that led to Dan leaving the company? Time will tell.

The countdown to crisis starts here.

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