Hillary review – Hulu series gives audiences refreshing insight into Hillary Clinton’s career

March 3, 2020
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Hulu series Hillary is designed to give you Hillary Clinton’s perspective on her long, debated career and how she felt at various moments in her life.



Hulu series Hillary is designed to give you Hillary Clinton’s perspective on her long, debated career and how she felt at various moments in her life.

Hulu series Hillary will be released on the platform on March 6, 2020.

I remember staying up for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. From a British perspective, it was served to us beforehand as a foregone conclusion. Surely a celebrity that is not qualified to be in politics was not going to pip to the post one of the most qualified U.S. politicians of all time. It seemed strange to imagine. And then it happened, and since then, we’ve lived in an entirely new Universe. Pre-2016 is not the same space, at all.

While those who touch U.S. politics on the surface and are living in their 20s will probably define Hillary Clinton’s impact on politics based on that election, that’s far from the truth of the life she’s had in politics. In the American media, she’s either painted as a villain, a hero or a feminist that changed the face of politics forever. There is no consensus it seems, which surprises me, because if you’ve read her biographical work, she’s not only highly informed, but also very funny.

Hulu series Hillary bridges the gap between young and present-day Hillary Clinton, starting from when she was merely a baby all the way up to that famous night when the polls did not go in her favour. The docuseries does well to poke questions at Hillary, who is interviewed throughout, asking the awkward questions about the controversial political choices, Bill’s adultery and the frustrating and often head-shaking “her emails” scandal, which should never have been a scandal in the first place.

The insight is fresh, but what’s even better is Hillary commentating at certain moments in her life. Some moments she completely dismisses, meekly saying “I’ve no idea why this was big news at all”. Clinton reveals herself as a normal, progressive woman that had the dream of running the country; she was certainly qualified with her knack for intensive policymaking, so much so Barack Obama hired her for Secretary of State even after an intense primary.

There is no doubt Americans will either watch this and find a newfound respect for Mrs. Clinton or they will keep their beliefs that she’s some kind of evil conspirator that purposefully tried to undermine the country with “her emails”. But then again, the USA is so politically frail at the moment between the left and the right, with the moderates hanging on for dear life to try and find a balance, I don’t think there is a right time for Hulu series Hillary. But as a non-American, I found the experience to be enjoyable. I don’t know why, but I like Hillary Clinton, though maybe the reasons why I like her are the very same reasons why people dislike her.

What is clear is that Hulu series Hillary marks the start of a new feminist wave that will hopefully mean we see a female president one day.

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