Our Top DC Picks for May 2020

March 12, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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Our top DC picks for May 2020 is our monthly preview series, in which we highlight some of the more noteworthy titles coming from DC in the near future. You can check out the last of those previews by clicking these words.

May sees the launch of the march towards DC’s future, as the company presents a series of one-shots that detail the history of the DC Universe. It all starts with Wonder Woman and leads towards Generation 5 — 5G, really. On free comic book day you can grab Generation Zero, May has Generation One and every month there’s a new one-shot till we get to Generation 5. So good luck with that.

If your tastes are more old fashioned, you might enjoy Paul Dini and Alan Burnett on a new Batman title called The Adventure Continues. Set in the animated show continuity, this looks a lot of fun.

It’s Green Lantern’s 80th anniversary, so look for a new 100-page spectacular featuring an anthology book by various creative teams. You must know the format by now. 10 bucks get you this one; pick the cover you like, there will be a pile of them in your LCS with lots of probably inconsequential takes on the character.

Batman #94 and #95 hit the shops, and the new arc “Joker War” starting in #95 and the current team knocking it out of the park. “Joker War” will crossover into other Bat-related titles, too.

Catwoman #23 has Sean Gordon Murphy co-writing the issue with Blake Northcote, which seems weird. It’s a two-parter with Catwoman after a diamond or something.

The big news though comes in the form of a sequel to Dark Nights: Metal. Snyder and Capullo return for Death Metal, a sequel to the popular title; this is a 6-issue series that sees the Batman Who Laughs up against the Justice League in a hellish war-torn Earth. There are the usual variant covers and a dollar comic reprint of Metal #1.

Other stuff I will look at will be Hellblazer #7, with John all at sea, Jeff Lemire’s one-shot follow up to Killer Smile called Batman: The Smile Killer (that’s not a joke) and a facsimile edition of Green Lantern #76, with amazing Neal Adams art.

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