Three Jokers are coming from DC in June Big Punchline

Well, it was teased a long time ago in DC Rebirth that The Joker has a history that nobody knows about, with the main premise being there are actually three versions of the Clown Prince Of Crime causing havoc in the DC Universe.

However, when the idea was put forward, and Batman sat in the Mobius Chair and discovered there are somehow three Jokers, fans went into overdrive speculating on how this could be possible.

Three Jokers will be a 3-issue Black Label book written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jason Fabok.

It seems that the story will center around Batman, Barbara Gordon, and Jason Todd, who have all suffered terribly at the hands of the villain, setting out to uncover the Joker mystery.

It would seem that the book will be heavily influenced by the classic Alan Moore and Brian Bolland one-shot, The Killing Joke, and leaked art shows nine-panel grids and many similar vibes to that book.

Writer Johns also states that the book will focus on the healing process the characters will go on dealing with the trauma of being attacked by The Joker.

Images also feature a main cover, a variant cover and some incentive covers, too.

Whether or not this mini-series will actually be part of the main DC continuity is up for debate. Moore’s Killing Joke was never meant to be canon but became so after the success of the book. With the three Joker idea being put forward in normal DC comics, it would appear that the arc will be part of the DC timeline.

My two cents is Johns will not delve into a multiverse of Jokers, but will instead present the character through the eyes of three people he has affected, leading to a more emotional and grounded story than some will expect, but who knows, one of them might end up being Dead Alfred controlled by Doctor Manhattan after Doomsday Clock. You never know.

The mystery begins when, all going well, the first issue drops on June 17th and will be 48-page issues for $6.99.

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