New Comic Book Company AWA Debuts Its First Titles

March 20, 2020
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There is a new comic and digital content company debuting some of its first issues just now, despite it not being a great time to launch a line. AWA (Artists, Writers & Artisans) released its initial run of titles on March 18th, and in a weird twist of synchronicity, one title, The Resistance, features a pandemic.

The company is owned by its creators and has some well-known names on board.

Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso seem to be at the forefront of AWA, with the former CEO of News Corp Jon Miller also being one of the men behind the scenes.

In a recent interview, Jemas states, “We give the most generous deals. That’s something that the comic book industry has often failed to do”.

As far as the comics themselves go, AWA presents us with possibly the biggest creators they have secured with The Resistance by J. Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodata Jr. Both creators are huge names in the world of comics and getting them on a title together is a huge coup for the publisher. Be on the lookout, too, for Archangel 8 by Michael Moreci and C. P Smith, a Heaven and Hell war-based story, Red Border by Jason Starr and Will Conrad, set on the border of Mexico, Hotell, a horror title with an anthology style by John Lees and Dalabor Tallijic, Year Zero, with five survivors of another epidemic leading to a zombie apocalypse by Benjamin Percy and Ramon Rosanos, Old Haunts, a dark revenge thriller by Ollie Masters and Laurence Campbell. Fight Girls, Devil’s Highway, YT Savior, American Ronin, Grendel Kentucky, Temporal Criminal, Primos, The Amazing Ordinary, Bad Mother, Moths, Eratic, Lil Freakin Maniacs, Byte Sized, and Et Er are all available.

On the AWA site, you can download previews of some of the stories and read a bit more about the company itself.

It is always nice to see new products in the industry, and we can only hope that the current state of the nation will not hinder the rise of what looks to be a promising addition to the comic book world.

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