Duncanville season 1, episode 6 recap – Duncan marries a toddler in “Sister, Wife” Marriage of Convenience



“Sister, Wife” was a funny enough look at marriage and relationships through two different lenses.

This recap of Duncanville Season 1, Episode 6, “Sister, Wife”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Duncanville Episode 6 is about marriage and relationships — nothing weird about that. On the one hand, it uses Annie (Amy Poehler) and Jack (Ty Burrell) to explore the idea of a long-term romantic partnership becoming stale and routine, and there’s nothing odd about that, either. But on the other hand, Duncan (also Poehler) marries his baby sister Jing (Joy Osmanski).

That is slightly unusual, but “Sister, Wife” plays it about as inoffensively as it possibly could. It isn’t trying to be edgy. Both their motivations are entirely innocent and non-creepy; Jing loves her big brother and isn’t old enough to really understand that marriage isn’t just a one-size-fits-all declaration of that love, and Duncan is just keen to shut her up. It’s daft, and in large part funny, especially once Jing starts behaving very much like an adult wife, and ropes in her similarly-aged friend Bradley, whose mum is a therapist, to help them work through their issues.

Jing works on the same level as, say, Stewie from Family Guy — she’s basically a toddler when the script needs her to be and an adult the rest of the time. This is all spurred on by the fact it’s Jack and Annie’s anniversary, which at present they just use as a reminder for spring cleaning and tax returns. The kids believe that they’re only staying together for their sake, whereas Jack and Annie think they’re just as happy as they always were. Some hard truths lead the adults to a private 80s-themed disco in the hopes of reinvigorating their marriage, where ALF (Paul Fusco) plays the drums in a tribute band and the bartender resembles any no-nonsense working-class husband of the period.

Kim (Riki Lindhome), meanwhile, is left to fend for herself. Constantly ignored as the middle child, she’s desperate for some attention, and turns to crime and aggravating Pennywise in order to get it. By the time she returns home she basically demands everyone sorts out their issues so that they have some time for her; taken as a whole, and stripped of its farcical deviations, Duncanville Episode 6 was easily the funniest and most truthful installment of the show.

It all ends peaceably, obviously. After a night spent by Duncan and Jack in the garage and Annie and Jing in the bedroom, both pairs complaining about their significant others, everyone finds it in themselves to reconcile with everyone else. Jack gets his Road House moment. Jing gets her peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the right ratio. Kim… still doesn’t get much attention. But she’s the middle child, after all.

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