Comics are Cancelled.

March 25, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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Well forget Thanos or Darkseid, it seems that a virus is the big bad behind the destruction of the Marvel Universe, as Diamond Comics Distributors announce that they had ceased receiving products for distribution due to Covid-19.

Essentially there will be a “pause” in distribution as Diamond has asked comic companies to stop sending product through to them, as they will not be distributed.

There does not seem to be any date for Diamond to recommence distribution, that means that the comics shipped this week could be the last new comics anyone gets in a while.

Diamond UK will not be receiving any comics at all.

Although Diamond is not a monopoly in the distribution field, there are other companies, the reality is that without Diamond the whole industry is in freefall.

A statement from the company explains their reasons, and the bottom line is essentially that forced closures will only get worse, freight networks are strained and the CEO of the company feels they have to stop now.

As you all know, the comics distributed are staggered so that there can be new comics every week on the shelves of comic shops. This weekly output means that comic shops have a very regular delivery of goods that consumers will visit the shop for on a very regular basis. However the danger means that this break in distribution, and forced closures of shops, may spell disaster for shops across the globe.

News is still a little sketchy but here in the UK it seems that nothing will make its way here for the foreseeable future, and even if it did, we couldn’t go and get them.

Diamond are hoping to work with publishers to get things back on track as soon as they can, but the sad reality of the situation is that many smaller shops may close and never reopen.

It’s a bleak time for comics. Where is Iron Man when we need him?

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