Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated final issue from AfterShock

March 25, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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This satirical look at a consumer society seems quite timely, and the final issue of Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated is a wild, violent and fun issue that brings the whole thing to an end.

Featuring hyper-capitalists, lone gunmen and competing militia groups, this contest looks like winning is not an option.

Written by Patrick Kindlon, with art and cover by Stefano Simeone, this has been an odd and original series, described as “Judge Dredd working for Amazon”.

The initial premise of the world’s largest retailer finding an underground society right beneath its feet combines sci-fi adventure with biting satire, a mix of styles that the writer himself admits will be very familiar to a British audience. In a recent interview, he states, “Fans of British comics will recognize that tiered reading experience immediately. Readers get to approach the work on whatever terms they care to.”

Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated has 32 full-color pages and will be out on March 25th, but in light of the current state of affairs, you can order it online too.

Look out for other AfterShock titles that week: Animosity #27 by Marguerite Bennett, and Godkillers 2 by Mark Sable will also see a release, all going well. Why not ask your local comic shop if they have a delivery service? You could order your comics directly from them, helping them to stay afloat at this difficult time.

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