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Solid enough, while still continuing the on-going mystery of the girl in the box, “The Job” still suggests the show needs another multi-episode case to ratchet up tension.

This recap of Prodigal Son Season 1, Episode 16, “The Job”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Back from break, and having evidently not forgotten about the lingering mystery of the girl in the box, Prodigal Son Episode 16 features a decent-enough case of the week and a compelling ending that should sustain the next few episodes – even if the presence of a strong, multi-episode arc would help to ratchet up some more tension.

Now that Martin (Michael Sheen) is awake and is using the fact Malcolm (Tom Payne) stabbed him to blackmail him into regular visits, we have an excuse to keep the Whitly patriarch close, which is probably just as well given he’s the most interesting character in the show. We also have the on-going relationship between Malcolm, his mother Jessica (Bellamy Young), and new-ish character Eve (Molly Griggs), which gets a pretty major development by episode’s end.

First, though, the case of the week: A jewelry heist perpetrated by a motorcycle gang leaves a woman dead and brings Malcolm’s friend from boarding school, Vijay (Dhruv Sing), into the case as an insurer. The positioning of the victim’s body suggests a thrill in the act; later, a similar crime leaves a woman shot in the head but alive, and through her, Malcolm is able to learn of a Chinese peacock tattoo on the killer’s arm.

Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) and Malcolm think Vijay might be in over his head, which proves true in Prodigal Son Episode 16 as they go undercover among the gang. Their leader, Cooper (Lanny Joon), takes them to a warehouse where he’s peddling guns, and we get some classic he’s-a-cop material that does a decent job of building tension. Sheila (Maureen Sebastian) is the one with the tattoo, but nothing’s that simple in “The Job”, so Malcolm, in his element, talks his way into a standoff while risking Vijay’s good looks in the process. It’s a very Malcolm Bright scene, all told, and eventually exposes Pete (Evan Hall) as the killer, his justification being, perhaps unsurprisingly, the fact he’s in love with Sheila.

The standoff erupts into violence, obviously, with a hallucination for good measure, and thus Prodigal Son Season 1, Episode 16 shifts into long-term storytelling mode for some revelations about Eve, who just might be the fabled girl in the box, seeing as she knows all about it and creeps downstairs in Jessica’s house to hide in the offending chest. Either she’s the girl from the past or she’s a very odd fetishist – I suppose with this show, both are equally likely.

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