Belgravia season 1, episode 4 recap – never trust your servants Loose Lips



Secrets, lies, and ill-advised affairs all threaten to be exposed in Belgravia Episode 4, as downstairs continues to meddle in upstairs drama.

This recap of Belgravia Season 1, Episode 4 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The soapier Belgravia gets, the more watchable it becomes – though whether or not Julian Fellowes’ period drama is getting any better is another question entirely. Still, Belgravia Episode 4 continued the upstairs/downstairs dynamic, furthered its condemned love affair, and cemented its detestable villain as a real threat to the status quo. Juicy stuff indeed.

So, let’s recap. We ended last week’s episode with John Bellasis (Adam James) offering cash money in exchange for intel on Charles Pope (Jack Bardoe), and Turton (Paul Ritter) and Ellis (Saskia Reeves) were quick to provide it, though surely to their own ruination eventually? Anne (Tamsin Greig) and James (Philip Glenister) aren’t too good at being totally up-front with each other, but they’re not particularly stupid.

The same might not be said of Susan (Alice Eve), though, who has been carrying on an ill-advised affair with John despite her being married to Oliver (Richard Goulding) and him being engaged to Lady Maria Grey (Ella Purnell). As of Belgravia Episode 4, her period is several days late, and since she and Oliver have been historically unable to conceive, if she’s up the duff then in all likelihood the nipper is John’s. Yuck.

John is, in a way, doing the right thing by not putting all his eggs in Lady Maria’s basket, since she’s pretty head-over-heels for the still-clueless Charles, even though her mother, Lady Templemore (Tara Fitzgerald), is dead against the union for the usual classist reasons. Lady Maria is unlikely to listen, but their nasty spat made for a highlight of Belgravia Episode 4 and promises more fireworks to come.

Oliver, too, seems on the brink of something drastic, as he becomes more and more annoyed by the Trenchards’ investment in Charles, who he believes is just a random local businessman and not, you know, his nephew. How long will it be until he learns the truth? With the loose-lipped Anne flitting around, it certainly seems like the entire family will be filled in sooner rather than later. But who’s going to spill the beans first? And what will the consequences be?

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