Todd McFarlane Steps Up: Spawn creator hits the headlines with Crowdfunding project

April 9, 2020
Louie Fecou 0
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Canadian creator Todd McFarlane should ring a bell with anyone that is reading this.

After climbing the ladder in comics, the 59-year-old really hit it big with an acclaimed artistic run on The Amazing Spider-Man, with his work on the character Venom making issue #300 of that book one of the hottest modern age comics ever.

After falling out with… well, with everyone, Todd McFarlane decided that the work he wanted to do, he could do better on his own terms, so with a trusted band of friends, including Rob Liefeld and Erik Larsen, they followed their dreams and formed Image.

The launch of his own comic book creation Spawn began a dizzying flight into superstardom, with Spawn going stellar in sales and popularity, and still being produced today.

However, the comic book industry has changed suddenly and dramatically over the last few weeks, some would say years, and with no new comics being printed, and no distribution service, there are no new comics being produced from any of the large comic book companies.

Not being the type of guy to stand back and watch though, Mcfarlane has launched his first-ever Spawn Kickstarter, hoping to ignite a bit of a fire in a smouldering industry.

The Crowdfunding project seems to consist of a remastered working of his original Spawn figure, and comic, from 1995.

As I write, and this will have changed already, the project has over 6,400 backers with 29 days to go. Pledges stand at nearly $700,000.

The 7-inch tall figure will have articulated joints and a huge folding cape, more features than the original, but will mimic the packaging design from 1995.

The basic pledge is $40, about £33, but you can pledge more and get more with the top tier being $160 that gets you an autograph, additions for the toy and the comic.

Fans are of course all over this and if I’m honest, this thing is gonna break a million bucks easy.

Mcfarlane is not backward at going forward, and on a recent interview on the Cartoonist Kayfabe channel on YouTube, he certainly makes his position clear, and in an interview with Forbes, when talking about the current state of the industry, says “We can’t just sit here and do nothing.” And he isn’t, he’s probably going to make over a million dollars.

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