Brews Brothers season 1, episode 8 recap – what happened in “The Trink”? A major acquisition.



Brews Brothers season 1, episode 8, “The Trink” sees Wilhelm and Adam receive a huge offer, but their intelligence shows in the finale of the Netflix series.

This recap of Netflix series Brews Brothers season 1, episode 8, “The Trink” contains significant spoilers.

We all knew the series was going to end in an acquisition offer from a major distributor but it was always going to be about how the brothers react. With Adam now living in his own place, which has some questionable features, and the brewery doing well, they need to hire in Brews Brothers season 1, episode 8, “The Trink” and prepare for the beer festival.

But then the moment happens, a major distributor offers Wilhelm and Adam a prosperous deal to expand their business and sell the beer in droves. Wilhelm and Adam are initially pumped. Wilhelm even gives Sarah a bonus as an offer of gratitude, which backfires slightly as she intends to use the money to build her own business in another state, which seems to set Wilhelm back a little.

But there’s a twist; the owners of the major distributor believe Adam is Wilhelm and Wilhelm is Adam; they tell Adam secretly that they only want to go into business with him because his brother is rude, and he was banned from Oregon — they don’t want to go into business with a man like that.

Providing the lack of context, Adam tells Wilhelm he has turned down the deal, but only because he loves making beer so much with his brother. At first, Wilhelm was against the idea, but Adam was so loving with his words, he comes around to it — he will just brew beer with his brother. Sarah is fuming at their dumb decision.

At the beer festival, Adam and Wilhelm put on their hilarious trinkets, which is a strange drinking game, but then they hear there is another tent called the Rodham’s. They check it out and realize the major distributor has copied their branding and beer — Wilhelm never submitted a trademark application so the distributor can do anything they like. They also hired Truffle and Chuy to replicate the beer-making process.

Wilhelm and Adam are devastated and end up fighting in front of the crowds and then see their beer tent has been burnt down. Adam quits. It gets worse for Wilhelm, learning he’s lost his lease due to food hygiene reasons.

Brews Brothers season 1, episode 8, “The Trink” ends with Adam reiterating to Wilhelm that he’d like to open a new brewery with him but they don’t have any money. In walks Sarah who wants to build a brewery with both brewers, but she will be the ultimate decision-maker. They all agree and head to the monastery to meet the monks.

I wouldn’t grumble at a Season 2.

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