Love Wedding Repeat review – an innocent scenario-based Netflix comedy

April 10, 2020
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Netflix film Love Wedding Repeat is amusing and fun to view; not to be taken too seriously but does have some rewatch value.



Netflix film Love Wedding Repeat is amusing and fun to view; not to be taken too seriously but does have some rewatch value.

Netflix Film Love Wedding Repeat will be released on the platform on April 10, 2020 – you can add it to your list now.

How wonderful of Netflix to release a comedy based on a mass gathering during a time when social events are not permitted. I watched Love Wedding Repeat with envy, and I could not tell if I enjoyed it more because I crave to see people in the real world while resorting to dating apps that ironically feel dated because you can’t actually date anyone right now, or if it’s actually good. Funnily enough, I was meant to go to a wedding during this world crisis, but I wasn’t selfish enough to aimlessly put everyone at risk. It’s mad how people behave when the enemy is invisible.

Anyway… my rant is over. Netflix film Love Wedding Repeat is actually enjoyable for what it is. It follows Jack (Sam Claflin) who has yearned for “the one that got away”, Dina (Olivia Munn). His chance comes at his sister’s wedding but unfortunately, the social event includes an angry ex, an undesirable guest and a throwaway sedative.

The strength of Love Wedding Repeat is that the cast are seemingly enjoying playing their parts. It’s not a “laugh out loud” comedy. It’s more of a series of scenes that builds up the sense of amusement — there’s no ultimate gag or outburst, it relies solely on playful dialogue and the what-if moments. Love Wedding Repeat has an ultimate goal — for Jack to finally kiss Dina after he missed his opportunity in the past, but with many moving parts, this is proving difficult.

Love Wedding Repeat is split up into two acts; the first showing a timeline that was a bad wedding for Jack and many others. The second act plays with varying timelines before offering one that may offer a chance for our lead character. The Netflix film toys with timelines and makes the wedding feel realistic in a sense; weddings are made for drama and this movie encapsulates what can truly go wrong.

The comedy is far from the best of the year, but for what it’s worth, it does have a rewatch value. There are a couple of moments where I heartily laughed at an end result or smirked at a sly line. If I’m honest, the debut trailer and key art hardly do the film justice, and as you are set for a generic spin, you find that it tries very hard to feel fresh.

But alas, Love Wedding Repeat is not fresh at all, and it hardly feels original. But that’s not to say you won’t have fun, which is clearly what the film is designed for. It’s not the “comedy of the year’ and it doesn’t need to be. Some films are meant to be average, but a good average.

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