Business As Usual For AfterShock Comics

April 17, 2020
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AfterShock Comics celebrates its 5th birthday with a “business as usual” approach to the current crisis in the comic book industry.

A recent press release from the indie company states that AfterShock is due to “recommit to the simultaneous release of print and digital editions of upcoming titles”.

The company has decided that despite the current situation they are going to continue to hire creators for their new titles and are planning to announce more information over the next few weeks.

The news swims against the tide, as bigger companies such as Marvel and DC have adopted a “pencils down” approach, and although the big two look set to continue with some titles on digital platforms, it seems that there will not be anywhere near the regular output that they normally have, and with presses closed, there are certainly no new comics being printed and shipped.

EIC of AfterShock Comics Mike Marts says, “While we understand the economic hardships that the coronavirus crisis has brought to all facets of the comics community, we’re thankful that we’ve been able to remain open for business on all fronts. The award-winning creators that we work with are knee-deep in the various stages of their current AfterShock projects and we look forward to sharing their new creations with the world over the coming months.”

On the company’s website, there are free tasters of many comic books from their teams, and the “Page A Day” feature has been running since the start of the month previewing content linked to some of their most popular titles.

As well as this, there is a “Free For All” program that fans with full digital versions of first issues.

In support of retailers, AfterShock will be giving a percentage of sales through its web store to The Binc Foundation, which provides assistance to the struggling retailers.

Along with Alterna, it seems that the indie press is doing the best they can to try and keep the comic book industry afloat, and this could be a great time for people to have a look at some other publishers that often go unnoticed on the comic-book shelves.

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