Miles To Go Advance Preview A new title for September from AfterShock

April 21, 2020
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There’s not an awful lot going on comics wise, with Diamond closed, pencils down and shops shut, apart from crowdfunding and the indies like Alterna still putting new stuff out, there ain’t much to sing about. There are a few digital editions going online, but it’s not the same, is it?

Well, AfterShock is still soliciting new titles, so hopefully, in a few weeks’ time, things might get back to normal — if it was normal, to begin with, that is.

So, with my comic book box half full, here’s a preview of the latest book from B Clay Moore.

Miles To Go is the story of Amara Bishop, a single mom with a dark and murky past, raised by an alcoholic father. She becomes a killer at a very early age and as she becomes a mother, her past returns to haunt her.

Moore explains, “I’m excited for people to meet Amara and her “family”. I think we’ve created a unique protagonist with a backstory and a “hook” that will deepen as the story moves forward.”

The art in this book is from Stephen Molina, and he tells of the change in his style for the project: “My line art on Miles To Go will be more loose and sketchy. It will also be the first project that I’ve done the color art on. As we get further along in the series I plan to rely on color more often and plan out each book’s color scheme at the layout stage.”

A quick look at the preview pages shows a clean art style and from some of the images this a book for a mature audience.

Miles To Go issue one will hopefully be available from September 9th. All going well, it will be a 32-page full-color book, available for $4.99.

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