50 States Of Fright episode 10 recap – “Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) Part 2”



“Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) Part 2” offers just enough reason to keep watching despite being less engaging than some of the other stories.

This recap of 50 States of Fright episode 10, “Grey Cloud Island (Minnesota) Part 2”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

So we open with the reveal of the captured figured and our lads greeted with an iron-masked robed figure blocking the exit.

When Dave approaches him threateningly, he is promptly dispatched.

The other bro’s attack when the killer slips in spilled blood, and in the struggle, a dropped knife is grabbed by one of our heroes, and the murderer is stabbed to death.

They free the enslaved girl who is still in feet and face shackles and make a break for it till they come across a huge pit blocking their way.

Meanwhile, the geniuses behind the task are waiting in the van for the group to return, when they are surprised by another masked outsider, who looks like a female Viking warrior if there was such a thing.

Further into the woods in 50 States of Fright Episode 10, a house is found by our poor pledges, and the door is answered by an old lady who thinks she is being robbed.

The boys ask for a phone and tools to free the girl, she sends one to the basement and offers the other pepper spray in lieu of a gun.

However, as our old lady goes to prepare tea, she really sneaks down and slashes the throat of victim two, before revealing herself as one of the cult.

With one part to go, this has been the least engaging of the stories, but of course, there is enough here for me to keep watching.

Can I predict the end of “Grey Cloud Island”?

Well, I could probably give it a go, but with just ten minutes of screen time left, it’s easier just to watch the next episode.

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