Lycanthropy review – a dark short film that provides more questions than answers



Lycanthropy is a short film that would work best as a pilot for a series or taster for a feature, since it provokes more questions than it provides answers.

Lycanthropy is a dark investigative thriller that follows detectives Kessler (Paul Duncan) and Mills (Stephen Clark) as they search for a missing girl. The detectives find their prime suspect and make an arrest, but they still cannot find the missing child, and the suspect wants his lawyer. Kessler though seems to be having manic visions and attacks their suspect, and red-tinted dream-like shots of wolves seem to be trying to tell us that not all is as it first appears.

Written and directed by Alexander Black, Lycanthropy is a dark short film, both in tone and style. Everything is filmed in near darkness, and when it’s not black, it’s red. I imagine this is to create an atmosphere but it does become slightly all-encompassing over the short runtime.

There is also a slight problem with the soundtrack, that does at times overshadow the action on-screen.

By the end of the production, there are more questions than answers which leads me to think of this more of a pilot for a series or taster for a full film.

With the ambiguous nature of the film’s ending, and the hints at a more supernatural story than is at first obvious, the title Lycanthropy lends itself to tales of werewolves, it seems that as a viewer we are being teased at a bigger picture. However, whatever the director had in mind is never fully conveyed to the audience. I’m sure the production team knew where the story was going, but they fail to take us with them.

Perhaps if a little more was on offer we could get a handle on where the story was going, but unfortunately, the lack of a clear direction proved frustrating.

However on the plus side, there are some nice moments here and there, and director Black is currently developing his first feature film, New Washington.

Lycanthropy can be seen at upcoming festivals, fingers crossed, which include Sarasota Film Festival, Fastnet Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, Romford Film Festival, and The Russian International Horror Awards.

If you get a chance to have a look give it a go.

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