The Kaiju Score New From AfterShock Comics

April 30, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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It’s the most dangerous heist ever attempted. Four desperate criminals are going all-in on a once in a lifetime chance to steal millions in art and turn their lives around. However, they have to pull it off under the nose of a 1000 ton kaiju, and a giant monster might just be the least of their problems.

The Kaiju Score comes from the creative team of James Patrick and Rem Broo, and the team will bring us a story akin to a Tarantino movie taking place in a Godzilla flick.

It sounds that the book has a few influences behind it, and in interviews, the writer cites his influences from films such as Ocean’s 11 and Battle Royale. Obviously Tarantino is also mentioned, so there are a lot of filmic styles at play here, even though this is a comic.

The Kaiju Score is the first title that Patrick has written for AfterShock, but he has worked on other titles such as Grimm Fairy Tales and Death Comes To Dillinger.

We were lucky enough to have a look at some of the early art, and you can see a lot of influences from Japanese monster movies. The artist says, “I wanted to highlight the heist theme in the story, so I decided to go with a clean, limited color palette and a vintage illustrated poster-like style for the retrospective or descriptive pages of the comic, a style that can be seen in the cover art as well.”

This looks like a fun caper with an interesting premise that should entertain fans of this kind of thing.

The Kaiju Score is a 32-page comic book for $4.99 and all going well it will be available from November 25th when comic shops will have hopefully reopened.

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