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DI Carver debates his future while DI Major discovers a useful new ability as the two are assigned to protect the woman who gets to decide Major’s fate.

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After a string of incredibly obvious coincidences, even two coppers as generally unremarkable as Carver (Stephen Graham) and Major (Daniel Mays) are able to figure out that Ryle (Emily Lloyd-Saini) and Gilbert (Steve Oram) are in on Operation Blue Finch. Their personal investigation isn’t remaining very secret, though, since they keep forgetting to close the door, as Dr. Parfit (Amanda Payton) warns them while explaining to Major how she can track his location and vitals. Anyway, time for them to do some real work.

The real work Dennett (Rosie Cavaliero) gives them this time is to bodyguard Commissioner Chalmers (Tracy Ann Oberman), who will ultimately get to decide whether or not Major gets switched off. Some intriguing developments come to the fore in Code 404 Episode 4, as Carver has put in a transfer request to Edinburgh, and Dennett knows about his affair with Kelly (Anna Maxwell Martin) after snooping through his emails. Both of these facts are overheard by Dr. Parfit, who couldn’t care less about Kelly, but is worried that Major will be switched off without Carver to look after him.

Then again, it seems like it’ll be hard for Major to put off Chalmers. The two share a lot of sexual banter and she admits outright that she has been fighting his corner and he’d have to do something spectacularly awful to get switched off now. Of course, Major takes that as a challenge, first deciding to “shake off” Chalmers’ secretary, who is just following them to her meeting, and then openly discussing his relationship with Kelly and the particulars of Operation Blue Finch in front of her.

Ryle and Gilbert, meanwhile, are being cagey with information on the murder of Kristof, since they hope to pin it on Major to keep suspicions away from them. For the first time in the entire season, Major actually does something useful: He lip-reads — while ignoring the hilarious protestations of Officer Not Judy (Michelle Greenidge) — the pair of them confessing to being in on the conspiracy.

Carver talks to Kelly on Major’s request and tells her that he’s leaving because he can’t stand to see her and Major together. They share a nice moment which is interrupted by Major arriving and announcing he can read lips. They briefly panic, but he’s talking about how he figured out Ryle and Gilbert are bent. Carver tells Major he isn’t going to Scotland anymore, obviously planning on staying for Kelly, but also that they can no longer be partners. They’re interrupted by a new and credible threat to Chalmers.

That threat was communicated via a rather grandiose email, but it’s of little concern to Major, who is more bothered about convincing Carver to remain his partner by admitting to Chalmers all the times he has messed up since being brought back from the dead. This is, needless to say, not a good approach, but he’s able to make up for it by figuring out that the language in the threatening email is very similar to that used by the priest who, like Chalmers, is on the committee. As Major figures this out, said priest opens fire on them with a sniper rifle from the roof of the church, and together, Major and Carver are able to take him down.

Carver says that he can’t leave Major while people are trying to kill him, as Code 404 Episode 4 ends with a suspiciously lingering final shot on Chalmers.

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