Solar Opposites season 1 – a frantic, excitable alien comedy series From the co-creator of Rick and Morty.



Solar Opposites season 1 is a funny take on alien arrivals while oddly poking fun at humans.

Hulu series Solar Opposites season 1 will be released on the platform on May 8, 2020 – this review of the sci-fi comedy series contains zero spoilers.

From the co-creator of Rick and Morty and Mike McMahan comes Solar Opposites, which sits nicely on Hulu. The premise of Solar Opposites is a family of aliens has had to flee their planet, and upon arriving on earth, they realize our planet is completely useless and under their expectations. This plays with the theory that aliens never contact us because they are too advanced and we’ve become irrelevant; the equivalent of humans seeing ants climbing on ice cream — good to luck at but do we want to visit those ants? No.

Solar Opposites is like other animations before it; it has the franticness and silliness of Family Guy but it is also socially aware of the messages it brings. The Hulu series is an excitable alien comedy series that is difficult to put down.

And like all animations that are aware of what they are trying to say, eventually, it does get to the point where the consumption of a show like this becomes tiring. Binging Solar Opposites can grate, which is expected — the dialogue is at a constant speed and the aliens are landing gag after gag. They are funny though — their perspectives of the human race are dissimilar and similar scene to scene; it’s a vicious cycle of irony and self-awareness that they are more closely related to humans than they thought.

It’s likely that Solar Opposites will catapult itself beyond its famous competitors due to its association and it will put Hulu on the map for an accessible comedy animation series on the platform. Solar Opposites season 1 is a funny take on alien arrivals while oddly poking fun at humans. And if you are a big Rick and Morty fan, you will likely lean towards it, considering one YouTube take is that it’s too similar to that series.

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