Fix You episode 2 recap and breakdown Alcohol in the blood.



Fix You episode 2 is a stronger episode, demonstrating Han Woo Joo’s problems.

This recap of K-drama series Fix You episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

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How does Fix You episode 2 begin?

Han Woo Joo is told that she’s going to be broke if she keeps on helping people out — she took the extras actors out for drinks.

But things are looking up for Han Woo Joo as she’s nominated for an award at a prestigious ceremony there’s a real chance she will win it.

What’s happening with Lee Si Joon?

Patient Cha believes he’s a police officer who has escaped. Lee Si Joon wants to keep it quiet so heads out to find him.

How does the award ceremony go?

As Han Woo Joo heads to the ceremony a cop asks her to do a breathalyzer — it’s Cha. Apparently, she has some alcohol in her blood and the officer threatens to revoke her license. She walks off, insisting she hasn’t drunk any alcohol and believing she’s got away with it.

Han Woo Joo has won rookie of the year award so she heads on stage to celebrate. The patient acting like a police officer walks on stage and arrests her. The crowd thinks it’s part of the show but there are obvious concerns as he walks off with her.

Lee Si Joon finds “Officer Cha” with Han Woo Joo. Lee Si Joon apologizes, saying he’s a new officer and pretends to be the chief. “Officer Cha” then arrests Lee Si Joon for impersonating the chief. Lee Si Joon admits to being his psychiatrist.

How does the real police deal with it?

Lee Si Joon says the hospital will take full responsibility. Han Woo Joo gets angry saying she wants testing now. The results come back zero. Cha was using a fake breathalyzer.

How does Fix You episode 2 end?

While trying to save the PR disaster, Han Woo Joo realizes her partner is cheating on him and that he published an exclusive article making her look suspicious with the drinking claims. She goes into full anger mode, smashing up his car with a baseball bat. Han Woo Joo is arrested and Lee Si Joon watches her go into the station.

Fix You episode 2 is a stronger episode, demonstrating Han Woo Joo’s problems.

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