The Eddy episode 3 recap – what happened in “Amira”?

May 8, 2020
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The Eddy episode 3, “Amira”, combines music and grieving well as the characters come to terms with a friend’s death.

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The Eddy episode 3, “Amira”, combines music and grieving well as the characters come to terms with a friend’s death.

This recap of Netflix series The Eddy episode 3, “Amira” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Eddy episode 3, “Amira” begin?

You already know “Amira” is going to be emotional based on how it opens.

Episode 3 begins with mobile footage of Farid getting on stage to sing. Maja grabs Elliot for a dance and Farid starts stripping to the band playing “Happy Birthday”. Amira looks very happy and starts dancing with Farid while Elliot and Maja start kissing. This scene was a clear indication of simpler times.

In the present day, Amira is playing the footage in bed. Her children join her in the bedroom.

How’s Elliot doing at the police station?

Elliot is under pressure to prove his innocence in Episode 3.

He’s is still at the station and he points out a drawing of an attacker and asks if he can ring his daughter. The investigator accuses Elliot of being desperate because the club was in massive debt and he lost control and killed Farid. Elliot insists that Farid was his best friend.

Elliot is finally released and the investigator runs outside and tells him the Cabaret Unit is shutting down his club.

This is a big blow — losing his best friend and club in 24 hours.

“We have to bury Farid today”.

Amira gets a phone call which upsets her so much she has to leave her children at the table to go in another room to do muffled cries. Amira rings Elliot saying they are burying Farid. Elliot checks up on Julie who is sleeping, seemingly not ready for the big day ahead.

Farid’s mother arrives at Amira’s house and she wails uncontrollably, starting a series of emotional events.

Amira, Adam and his grandfather attend Farid’s body and clean him with water. They rub him in oil and then wrap him in cloth.

The funeral.

Everyone attends the funeral. Amira’s brother attends but she tells him to f*** off which implies a bad history between them.

Farid’s mother offers to take Adam and take him to a good school. Amira tells her that Farid never wanted his mother to have the children.

How does Adam truly honour his father in The Eddy episode 3?

It’s evident that the funeral is not honouring Farid and his love for music so Adam and Maja put a plan together.

Adam pretends to be sick so they can all leave the funeral and head home. When Amira and her children get home the entire band and Farid’s friends are playing jazz in honour of Adam. The next five minutes are fascinating to watch with all the jazz players playing their part in the scene.

What happens outside with Elliot?

At first, Amira asks Elliot to say a few words as she understands how important Farid and he were to each other.

Elliot writes notes outside but then someone drops off a photo of his daughter so he chases after the man and ends up in a car.

The man who attacked him in the first episode says he isn’t a killer, he’s a counterfeiter but the police now think he killed Farid. He shows Elliot a photo of a Ukrainian man and tells him to show it to the police — he gives him the address of the man and says they are now even.

How do the speeches go?

Amira gives a speech about Farid’s life and makes jokes about their music. After her speech, Farid’s band play a song and it’s sublimely acted, with each member playing their instrument while holding back the tears.

Elliot then gives a speech — he starts off with a joke of how Farid told him to get better in French and now the day has come. He tells the story of a time when he and Farid were meant to go to Marrakesh but ended up in Dusseldorf but Farid still managed to make it feel magical. Elliot then goes off track slightly and says he lost his son a few years ago and he was lost and still is lost.

How does The Eddy episode 3, “Amira” end?

Despite Amira telling him to leave, her brother stayed behind to tidy up. He tells her she needs her brother now to help her with the kids and “everything”. He then starts mimicking her and she laughs.

Elliot goes to the station and gives them the information he was given by the man who he chased at the funeral. The investigator is sceptical but Elliot insists that the man at the address killed Farid.

The Eddy episode 3, “Amira” combines music and grieving well as the characters come to terms with a friend’s death.

Other points

  • Someone follows Julie and Elliot on the way to the funeral, recording them on a smartphone.
  • Julie tells Elliot that she was “just wondering around and got lost” the night she went missing.
  • Julie pays Sim back for the taxi and says sorry.

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