The Eddy episode 4 recap – what happened in “Jude”?

May 8, 2020
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The Eddy episode 4 was another emotionally exhausting chapter but the direction and rawness shine through once again.

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The Eddy episode 4 was another emotionally exhausting chapter but the direction and rawness shine through once again.

This recap of Netflix series The Eddy episode 4, “Jude” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Eddy episode 4, “Jude” begin?

As you can tell by the title, episode 4 brings Jude into the fold. A fairly quiet character until now.

Jude is busking in town with his cello and his ex Habiba watches on and they smile at each other. She walks off so he runs after her. He finds her hiding in a store and sings to her.

Are Elliot and Maja back together?

It seems they have something going on; The Eddy episode 4 teases a possibility that they are reconciling.

Elliot and Maja wake up next to each other and Maja confirms they didn’t have sex as he was too tired.

Elliot thinks he’s getting the club back; he tells Maja to stay in the bedroom until Julie leaves as it’s a confusing time. Julie notices Maja’s bracelet in the bathroom and opens the bedroom. She’s angry at them both for some reason, but the reason is unknown as she’s quite a complex personality.

Maja reminds Elliot that she’s 16 and her mother abandoned her.

Why did Jude’s ex want to speak to Jude?

It does seem odd their entire intimate dynamic, but The Eddy episode 4 clears up the vagueness.

Jude and his ex Habiba have an intimate chat. She tells Jude she’s getting married “today”. He asks if he can be the witness as he cares about her. Habiba gives Jude a place and time.

You can tell this situation is painful for Jude.

Can Julie return to school?

Elliot works it out at school for Julie and she’s allowed to return.

But he has another concern; outside of the school the gangster, self-proclaimed counterfeiter explains that he lied about the situation being all over and he still wants his mother and for Elliot to do jobs for him.

A panicky Elliot goes to Amira’s house and says he wants to look at all the paperwork.

Does Jude show up as a witness?

Yes, he does surprisingly.

Jude rushes to the Town Hall to be a witness for his ex Habiba. He exchanges pleasantries with the soon-to-be husband and witnesses the marriage and signs the papers. Outside of the venue, Habiba explains that she appreciates how hard it would have been for Jude. Jude brings up the miscarriage they went through and how she looked relieved. They all head to a wedding party where Jude is playing with the band for a couple.

Does Julie find out about how her father got her back into school?

The Eddy episode 4 serves a turning point for Elliot and Julie.

At school, Beatrice chills with Julie and wonders how she was allowed to return to school, suggesting money — Julie says her father is broke which raises her suspicions.

How does the wedding party go?

At the wedding party, the band is in full swing and Jude watches his now married ex dance away with her husband. The bride at the wedding tells them to stick to the setlist and not “elevator music”.

Maja asks Jude if the woman at the party was Habiba and asks if he’s okay. She tells Jude that the club will be open soon and everything will be back to normal. She’s clearly worried about his mental health.

How does Julie react to the truth?

Anything that involves Julie is usually explosive.

Julie finds out that her mother sent money to the school and she’s unhappy with her father for accepting it.

Sim turns up to pick up a guitar but Julie is frustrated demanding that she and Elliot talk — “How much did she give you to keep me away from here?”

Julie then starts smashing the piano keys and Elliot says that she is not happy with anything and she should go back home with her mother. Jude insists she doesn’t want to go to school and wants Elliot to get to know her.

Frustrations boil over and Elliot says he’s done with “this” and he’s onto bigger things. Julie starts screaming and trashing the place repeating “bigger things”. Her father grabs her and tells her to cut it out and she walks out.

An incredible, uncontained scene highlighting how fractured Julie’s world is.

Elliot is back at the police station again.

As Elliot looks for Julie, the investigator puts him inside a police car. The police ask Elliot why he lied about the man at the address and say murder gets him 15 years; the DNA does not match and Elliot’s DNA was not on the body either. They show him murdered kids and state they will reopen his club but he needs to put cameras in the club and trade intel.

Elliot has a lot to think about, especially with his life in danger.

Do Jude and Habiba finally have an honest conversation?

Yes, and it’s tragic.

While her husband gets drinks, Jude asks why Habiba has dug all this “back up”. She admits she was relieved regarding the miscarriage because they were not ready and he’s a mess without music. Jude tells Habiba he loves her and asks for forgiveness and admits to being alone. The husband returns so Jude starts a melody with everyone in the bar and asks Habiba for a dance.

How does this impact Jude?

Seeing someone he loves dearly get married sends him under. It also begs the question of why Habiba would unearth all this for him knowing how mentally vulnerable he is.

Later after an exhausting day, Jude takes heroin. Elliot gets a call from Jude who needs help; Jude is sobbing saying life is not fair. Elliot tells Jude that he’s brilliant to calm him down.

Elliot rings the police and agrees to the cameras in his club and trading of intel — I believe Elliot seeing his friend in the dark has convinced him to open the club sooner to save his life.

How does The Eddy episode 4, “Jude” end?

Julie heads to Maja’s apartment and asks if she can stay with her. Elliot unlocks the club’s door and Jude gets on stage and starts playing the cello.

The Eddy episode 4 was another emotionally exhausting chapter but the direction and rawness shine through once again.

Other points

  • The gangster threatens to burn Elliot’s club down

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