The Eddy episode 6 recap – what happened in “Sim”?

May 8, 2020
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The Eddy episode 6, “Sim” is not the strongest chapter in the series but it certainly progresses the story with growth from many of its characters.

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The Eddy episode 6, “Sim” is not the strongest chapter in the series but it certainly progresses the story with growth from many of its characters.

This recap of Netflix series The Eddy episode 6, “Sim” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Eddy episode 6, “Sim” begin?

It begins with Sim dancing in his bedroom and his grandma walks in. They dance together but then she starts coughing down the toilet. The Eddy episode 6 demonstrates genuine love between a young boy and his grandma.

Elliot still has money problems.

Elliot has stayed up all night with Maja to look at the books to figure out the cash. Zivko turns up with a beaten face and gives Elliot until midnight. Since the start of the Netflix series, pressure has been growing on Elliot’s shoulders.

Is Julie still trying to hang out with Sim?

Sim heads to the mosque but when Sim returns home, Julie is in his house — he tells her to wait downstairs. Sim is evidently worried about his grandma and wants her to go to Mecca. Julie asks Sim what’s going through his head. He admits to being stressed as he could be singing at a concert.

However, the situation gets worse; the concert is canceled as the equipment is raided. Sim asks how much was the gig going to make and that he really needs the money. Julie asks why he was trying to make money off a charity that got robbed.

Elliot and the books.

Elliot speaks to Amira about the books and says they need to find the money. At the police station, the investigator thinks Elliot is lying and wants to bring in Zivko.

Elliot knows he’s in real s*** now.

Sim is still desperate for the money to help his grandma go to Mecca.

Sim approaches Paplar and asks the people he knows to return the equipment and ends up agreeing to sell some items for Paplar.

Julie threatens to tell Sim’s Grandma if he doesn’t let her help him. Julie opens up one of the boxes and sees a gun and Sim denies all knowledge of it.

The band is not liking this new drummer.

Jude tells Elliot that the new drummer isn’t working. Elliot tells Jude that Katarina isn’t coming back and they need to make it work.

Elliot is flitting between trying to save the club and trying to save the band.

Why is Sim so desperate?

Sim tells Julie he just wants the money so he can send his grandma to Mecca — she’s got cancer for the second time.

Elliot is breaking down.

Elliot is going crazy trying to find the money in the office. He tells Maja that the police know about Zivko and says he has less than 6 hours but she warns him that the band is exploding.

Maja seems different — she seems to know how to handle Elliot now.

What’s the plan to save Sim’s concert?

Julie and Sim borrow a van and head to school to steal equipment. There are Saturday classes so it’s busy. They head to the music room but then they are caught.

The drummer finally gives up.

Elliot is told that his drummer is leaving. The drummer says he has problems with the band and leaves.

Elliot tells the band that he “made them” and they are f***ing up their chances to make an album — he tells them the band and club is done.

He then heads to the school and tells Julie he is expelled. Julie tells Elliot that Sim is going through a hard time at the moment and she just wanted to help him as she understands what it feels like.

Elliot shows some sympathy here which is rare for his relationship with his daughter.

No club, no band.

Once again, Maja seems to be on a different level with Elliot now.

She tells Elliot that he destroys everything and that he should call them and tell them the truth.

Elliot gathers the band and tells them about Farid and the money. He asks his band to play for the night and then he says he will call the police and hopes the band continues as he really loves making music with them all. This scene was more impactful than it needed to be as you can tell the band felt appreciated for once.

How does The Eddy episode 6, “Sim” end?

Sim tells his grandma he really wanted her to go Mecca and that he doesn’t want her to die. She tells him that her family is her “Mecca”.

Julie rings Sim and asks him to come to the club with his grandma — she asks Sim to sing. Sim tells Julie the song is about her — “I knew it”. They kiss and Elliot sees and asks Sim if he’s ready to get on the stage.

Julie joins him on stage to sing with him and they do a duet on his song.

Elliot heads outside to see Zivko dead. Does this mean Elliot is now off the hook?

The Eddy episode 6, “Sim” is not the strongest chapter in the series but it certainly progresses the story with growth from many of its characters.

Other points

  • Amira gives Julie house rules; no sex, no drugs, and no-one over after 6 pm.
  • Elliot breaks it to the band that Katarina is leaving the band and they are not happy at first but they accept the replacement drummer is good. Jude is annoyed because “Maja is acting like the boss”.

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