The Eddy episode 7 recap – what happened in “Katarina”?

May 8, 2020
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The Eddy episode 7 is a simple, straightforward episode but it unearths some truths that the audience has waited for.

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The Eddy episode 7 is a simple, straightforward episode but it unearths some truths that the audience has waited for.

This recap of Netflix series The Eddy episode 7, “Katarina” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Eddy episode 7, “Katarina” begin?

The series was desperately keeping us away from Katarina, and we finally get her. She’s incredibly shrouded in mystery.

The Eddy episode 7 opens with Katarina doing a drum solo at home — her father is on a ventilator nearby.

Is the band ready to record for the album?

The band starts recording at the club with Franck. Elliot is at the police station to discuss Zivko who is now dead. The investigator wants to know everything. He tells her everything and asks her not to close the club.

What’s happening between Julie and Sim?

Sim tells Amira she wants a clean slate with Julie and Julie is listening to their conversation. He asks her for a date.

What is Katarina up to?

The Eddy episode 7 demonstrates the importance of this character who keeps her cards close to her chest.

Katarina heads into an office to get her father a disability card. Apparently, he was accused of fraud but they’ll still schedule an appointment. She then heads to work — she’s a cleaner. As she’s late she’s only given 3 hours rather than 6. This is hardly the drummer life that she had — the character makes it look depressing.

Katarina checks out the club and hears the drummer recording. A man enters the club and tells Elliot that Sami wants to see him. Katarina sees Elliot get into the car with two men.

Elliot meets Sami.

Elliot meets Sami — Sami is playing one of Elliot’s records and he’s a big jazz fan, or at least he says he is.

He asks Sami if he killed Farid — Sami says he ordered it from Zivko and also claims Elliot does not owe him money. Sami wants to makes an investment — he offers a 500k euros investment; half for Farid and half for the widow to help invest in the club but he wants a share of the success. Sami says all he cares about is jazz — guaranteed income for everyone, including Amira.

This scene is frightening for many reasons but mostly because Sami is so cool and calm — almost like a normal person to deceive the audience. His love for jazz feels villainous.

Is Katarina hiding something?

Clearly, at this point, Katarina holds the key to all the secrets.

Katarina tells Maja to tell Elliot to be careful — she says Sami is a boss of a big crime organization.

The police investigator heads to Katarina’s place and asks about Zivko. Once the investigator leaves, she reveals she has all the money beneath her father’s bed.

Katarina heads to Sami’s office and shows him a wad of money and that they’ll trace it back to her if she disappears — she wants Sami to leave Elliot alone.

One of the guards slaps her and Sami threatens to break her fingers so she can’t drum anymore, stating that a man died because he couldn’t find those fake notes. Sami’s guards proceed to beat Katarina up.

Within the space of a few scenes, we show the true side of Sami.

Elliot finally finds out the truth.

Elliot gets a call and heads to the hospital.

Katarina tells Elliot that it was Sami who beat her up and that this is who he really is. She says she has the money and Farid told her to hide it — “I did it to protect you and the club”. Katarina cries uncontrollably and Elliot says it’s not her fault.

The Eddy episode 7 shows all the pent up emotions coming out of Katarina in this single scene — it was difficult to witness.

How does The Eddy episode 7, “Katarina” end?

Elliot demands that they re-record the drums with Katarina and tells Franck they aren’t doing the album without her. Franck gives one condition — Elliot plays on the album. Elliot agrees but you can tell he is not ready to return to playing music.

As the band celebrates, Katarina returns — the camera focuses on her as she returns to the drums. It’s dead silent before she hits the drums and Elliot smiles, giving that Whiplash vibe again.

The Eddy episode 7 is a simple, straightforward episode but it unearths some truths that the audience has waited for.

Other points

  • Julie and Sim watch a video of Elliot playing a song for Julie at a show.
  • Julie has changed her hair.
  • Elliot asks Julie about the date. She said it was nice. Elliot says he wishes she met his mother before she passed. He asks Julie to come home. Julie says she just not ready yet.

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