The Eddy episode 8 recap – a breakdown and the ending explained

May 8, 2020
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The Eddy episode 8 ties some loose ends but leaves some questions for the audience’s imagination as Elliot comes to terms with his relationship with music.

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The Eddy episode 8 ties some loose ends but leaves some questions for the audience’s imagination as Elliot comes to terms with his relationship with music.

This recap of Netflix series The Eddy episode 8, “The Eddy” contains significant spoilers.

How does The Eddy episode 8, “The Eddy” begin?

The finale episode of The Eddy gives one of those endings that is not tightly-shut but still a conclusion. As this is a limited series, it leaves the audience to imagine what life may have been like after.

Episode 8 begins with the band in full swing — Elliot gives them advice but says they all sound good. Maja asks Elliot if he’s ready for his solo.

If anything, The Eddy has always built up for this moment — Elliot finally returning to playing music.

Why is Amira spooked by her brother?

Amira’s brother Paplar tells her he’s looking out for her and talks about money. Amira freaks out and tells Elliot and Maja that she thinks Paplar is connected to Sami.

Julie’s mother is in town.

Franck tells Elliot to start playing music for him. Julie gets a text from his mum and they have to go. Franck tells Elliot that the press is coming “that night” and he can’t let them down. Julie and Elliot meet Julie’s mother Allison and stepfather at the airport.

Meanwhile, Amira’s brother shows her their old house which is very much the same. She tells him that Elliot thinks he’s lying. She asks Paplar what Sami is planning — Paplar says “insane things” until they work with him.

Paplar has shown himself to be a true coward.

How does lunch go with Julie’s mother?

The Eddy episode 8 shows how much history can be placed on one table with family.

Maja and Elliot have lunch with the mother Allison and stepfather. Allison says she wants Julie to come home and tells Julie that it isn’t working for her in Paris.

Maja asks Allison why she sent her away. An emotional Elliot leaves the table and asks Alisson to come by the club later as he’s playing something but that she isn’t taking Julie away. Julie asks Elliot if he meant it when he says he “cherishes her”.

Elliot has connected with his emotional side more and more as the series has progressed. If we revert to episode 1, and how closed off he was, this is a different character altogether.

Sim is attacked.

While Sim is sorting the bar at the club he’s attacked by a group of men who want the cash register. Elliot gets a call and heads over to the club. Elliot tells Maja he thought all this was over with and he doesn’t know what’s happening.

Like most of this series, Elliot is not in control.

What about Elliot’s big moment?

Maja gives Elliot a pep talk and tells him that he will be amazing and that he always has been. Maja also tells him he’s a better man now and they kiss. The Eddy episode 8 shows that their intimacy has grown genuine as the series has worn on.

It’s Elliot’s time on stage which is met by a big applause. He says he will be playing a song for his daughter but he’s evidently nervous and he keeps having to start the song from the beginning.

The way this scene is directed makes it extremely tense.

Elliot cannot play the keys and freezes. Julie gets up on stage and offers to do it with him and she gets on the microphone. Elliot starts playing the piano and Julie sings. Julie’s mother walks in and sees Elliot and Julie on stage together and wells up.

As the song continues, Elliot cries while playing the keys and eventually starts singing. Allison cries at the back.

It’s telling that the directors of the series wanted everything to be built up to this moment. You can sense that Elliot is free at last as he touches the keys and music becomes an outlet for him. It’s unexpectedly emotional to watch.

But what happens after?

Everyone cheers on Elliot’s return but the celebrations are cut short as there is a loud explosion and a fire breaks out in the office of the club — there’s panic everywhere as everyone rushes outside. This scene felt metaphorical, as Elliot finally returns and allows himself to be free again in music, an explosion occurs — it was evidently written for this effect.

Amongst the panic outside, Amira tells Elliot that they need a solution. Amira suggests giving Sami the club and says she wants to hurt Sami for what he did to Farid. Elliot says they can hurt him, he just needs to figure out how.

What is Elliot’s plan?

Ironically, Elliot has kept himself arm’s length from the investigators but he has suddenly realized they are the solution.

Elliot wants to get Sami in jail and he tells the investigator to trust him. He has one condition — if he’s in trouble, they make sure his daughter is safe. The investigator tells Elliot to get intelligence. She tells him to strike a deal with Sami and ask for protection. He’s essentially a mole.

How does the meeting with Sami go?

Elliot meets Sami and agrees on the deal for the club and the band. Elliot gives Sami conditions — no drugs, no violence, and that he will be a silent partner. Sami accepts all conditions and says he has no conditions and gives Elliot a big hug — “I’m getting into bed with the great Elliot Udo”.

That hug gives the chills.

How does The Eddy episode 8, “The Eddy” end?

On the way back, Elliot watches a video of Farid saying he loves him and wishes Fred was still here.

Elliot’s band asks if they play in the street and play “The Eddy”. They head down the streets at night singing the song — as it reaches the chorus, Elliot smiles.

The ending gives an indication of a few things — Elliot finally feels happy and at peace. He’s found a relationship with jazz again and he feels in control now he’s working with the police to take down Sami. The Netflix series was about many other characters, but central to it all was Elliot — his smile at the end is the ending.

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