Bulletproof season 2, episode 4 recap – tick off the tropes in this one Knuckle Up



Bulletproof has a riot with as many genre tropes as it can, even finding the time for a big shootout to cap things off.

This recap of Bulletproof Season 2, Episode 4 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Note: Bulletproof Season 2 has stopped airing now and has gone off the boil a bit, but for the sake of completeness we’ll be covering the remaining episodes in a less comprehensive fashion than usual.

Following the shenanigans in Amsterdam in the previous episode, the Markides family business is in disarray, leaving patriarch Alex (Stavros Zalmas) to get things back in order. As ever, though, Mikey (Ben Tavassoli), as detestable a character as has featured in any show in recent memory, has other ideas, and can’t stop ordering Bishop (Noel Clarke) and Pike (Ashley Walters) into increasingly dodgy situations.

Those situations are more cliched than ever in Bulletproof Season 2, Episode 4. Deals on the roof of a multistorey car park? Check. A bit of dodgy gambling? Check. This is all par for the course in this kind of soapy crime thriller, and the show has never been shy about embracing the tropes. But even by the standards it sets for itself, Bulletproof goes above and beyond here. Mileage will vary, but I was keen on Pike volunteering himself for bare-knuckle boxing against a big topless savage, and a well-shot shootout is a winner.

Character development is thin on the ground — we’re still expected to be concerned about Bishop and Pike getting too deep into their roles as international criminals, but whereas it looked like Bishop was the one to watch, perhaps it’s the family-man Pike who is more likely to be seduced by the lifestyle?

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